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Tiger I & Tiger P guide help

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DrRickMarshall #41 Posted Feb 03 2015 - 17:42


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I have a little advice for the tiger (p). Personally i have played 350+ games in it and absolutely love it. The way i played it was to for the most part not angle your armor and keep it straight at your opponent. My reasoning for this is that the front armor is 200mm while the sides are a weak 80mm. As well the checks on the front hull are a huge weak spot. They count as side armor so when you angle your tank you are exposing those checks even more. Also when you are top tier you can play a lot more aggressive because odds are only 2 or 3 tanks can penetrate your front armor. Also one tactic that i found very helpful is one you are 1v1 against someone to wiggle your tank left and right after you shoot to try and help a ricochet.


AngelOfWarAndDeath #42 Posted Mar 17 2015 - 17:37

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Does'nt matter about my posts.Effective immediately I removed the software and game from my PC.This game is Broken and has no realistic map.Being shot from all angles,when you cannot attempt to defend and win for your team,let alone survive base on the overwhelming odds of most overpowered tanks in 99.9% of the matches.I say this game is ready to be scraped!and start making something better.This Company Failed.

I am enjoying other games like Rome Total war and Panzer General,Resident Evil 5 better....

Go figure.

WOT is a waste of my time and energy to play because of the ridiclous power usage and wifi requirements,not to mention how long everything takes to get anything done.

I advise you all to find something else to do.

panzer1b #43 Posted Mar 17 2015 - 18:57


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I havent played the P, but i can tell you that from my experience in the tiger, its best played as a support heavy, keeping it in situations where you can fire on enemies, but take little if any return fire.  Its armor while sidescraping is at least semi resistant to enemy tanks (ive managed to bounce quite a bit even at T9 with it), and it has the HP to deal with some bad luck.  Overall, like every german tank ive played with thusfar, your best bet is to avoid tanking damage, let other tanks such as russian heavies (which are far better armored) take the hits and distract the enemy, and then keep their flanks safe, and add to their gun's DPM by firing at whatever threatens them.


Also, by supporting role, i dont mean sit in the back of teh map and snipe.  On some maps, if targets are lit (such as malinovka), dont ignore them, go ahead and snipe from 600m away, but dont sit back if there is nothing lit up, try to get into a position where you can both deal damage to the enemies that are spotted, and minimize the risk of being flanked/sniped.  Its honestly best played near hard cover, as pure angling is worthless in this tank from experience (100mm front even a 45 degrees is kinda useless at T7-9), only when top tier can you rely somewhat on your armor outside of side scraping.

delabusch #44 Posted Mar 19 2015 - 11:32


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I love the Tiger P.  Nearly 60% win rate after only 70 games - so many of the games include stock grind.  I play this tank somewhat the same as another well armoured slow heavy with obvious and large weak spots - the KV-5.  You need to understand these weak spots. 


Once you do, you can troll players into wasting shots and keep a whole flank busy if it's a low tier match.  Where the similarities break down is the Tiger P can actually pen stuff consistently, unlike the KV-5.


Play it mostly conservatively and learn when you can use it as a bully.  A tiger P in a low tier match, or a full health P in late game can be really good.


You can troll bad players all day with this tank - be careful of the good players though, the weak spots are large and numerous.

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