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Fast Scouts, quickest way to get one.

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Ualtar #21 Posted May 24 2011 - 04:30


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View PostwillyTank, on May 22 2011 - 10:55, said:

They should add a new class of reconn vehicles, similar to what you see in the old school hex based war games.

You mean the Panzer General games?  The recon vehicles in those games are basically cars with machine guns.  You would be unable to attack anybody in this game, so people would hate to see you on their teams.

w4golf #22 Posted May 26 2011 - 16:37


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View Postpekiti, on May 23 2011 - 21:36, said:

When you look for a good scout vehicle, you need to consider three things: view range, radio range, and maneuverability.

View range = being able to see the bad guys quicker
Radio range = being able to give that spot report to your own team (esp the artillery)
Maneuverability = being able to hustle through enemy lines, plus getting to a good spotting location before anyone knows you're there

The Russian vehicles tend to have better top speed, but worse handling in a turn.
The T2 (premium) light tank for the USA is incredibly fast and agile, but has poor radio range.
The German vehicles overall tend to be better at 'pure' scouting, as some of them were actually designed for that role (as part of the German 'lightning warfare' strategy, which required fast scouts). The Luchs and Leopard are very good at what they do.

Surprisingly, the SU85B (Russian tank destroyer) makes a pretty good scout and it carries a decent weapon along with good view, good radio, and camo bonus.

Speed, in and of itself, does little for a true scout. If you are having to twist and turn to dodge enemy fire, you've done it wrong, and will likely pay the price in short order. The best use for your speed is to get somewhere the enemy doesn't realize you are, and stay hidden while exposing the enemy to your own team via radio. In higher tier matches, the TDs on the team tend to be the ones who spot targets early and report them for artillery. Stealth is the best tool for a scout, not speed.

The rest of your team aim their guns to kill the enemy; you aim the rest of your team to kill the enemy.
Ageed, the object is not to light the enemy for 5 seconds and die in a horrific projectile on vehicle accident from some heavy tank that hasn't gotten out of their base yet, but to provide continious reports lighting them up for your artillery and long range killers and helping your entire team make informed decisions throughout the match. Speed to get there, stealth to stay there, good radio and spotting range to see and report.  Speed alone is probably the least important. In heavy matches my VK3601 gets to play scout depending on the map and does a good job of it, but it's a different sort of scout than the Tier 4 quick tanks.  What you want to do is find a likely area of advance, or a good avenue to get to the enemy rear without being spotted and once you find the enemy, keep them lit.  Let the others do the killing, your job is to do the scouting.

Brygin #23 Posted Aug 22 2011 - 12:50

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View PostDiastant, on May 18 2011 - 00:28, said:

One heck of a good scout tank is the Leopard. Tier 4 German light tank. 68 km/h top speed, 50mm gun, and excellent maneuverability at high speeds, it's insane.  

It leads to the VK 2801 which will be released soon.

Agreed.  The Leopard is fun and the VK 2801 should be a blast!

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