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Ultimate Conquest on Global Map

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“Redivision of the world” mode starts when Global Map releases.

  This mode lasts for the first 24 turns on Global Map. During that period every clan that participates in Clan Wars can land in any neutral province.


  A clan that has 15 chips in reserve can apply for landing in any province. To apply for landing, clan’s Commander must do the following steps: click a province, click “Land” (1) and confirm the decision by clicking “Apply…”.


  15 yellow chips appear in the selected province. Then clan’s Commander must click “Confirm changes” (2) to apply all actions.
  The application will be approved in the beginning of the next turn. 15 yellow chips will change their color to red.Clan’s name will appear in the "regions combat list"..
  The applicants list has a limit of 64 clans. After the limit is reached, the province will be marked with red and no more applications will be received for landing in this province during the next 24 turns.If the number of clans that have applied for one province during one turn breaches the limit, all Landing Tournament participants will be picked randomly out of the total number of applicants.If a clan doesn’t make it through the random selection, all its chips will be returned to reserve and can be used in other landings.
  Landing Tournaments will be held according to the rules listed in Clan Wars guide: Global Map Guide
  When all battles of “Redivision of the world” are finished, Global Map returns to its main rules listed in Clan Wars guide.
  After that, all applications for landing will be cancelled and chips will return to reserve.

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