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Experience and Gold

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Fundraiser #1 Posted May 18 2011 - 19:41


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I have read the manual and looked at all the popups but still do not understand how this part of the game works.  I do I gain gold?  What experience becomes convertable and to what does it convert?  How do I buy or get the next level of tanks?  I have researched my three beginner tanks and have the golden crown at the bottem of each but now what?  Any help will be appreciated.   FR

Sadukar09 #2 Posted May 18 2011 - 19:44


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You buy gold.

ZKaiZ #3 Posted May 18 2011 - 19:51


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You buy tanks via Silver or "Credits" and you have to research the vehicle as well, to get gold you must buy it, Converted exp means an elite tank(which has all modules and all tanks researched on it)'s expierence gain converts for 25 exp for 1 gold so 6250 exp = 250 gold, Hope I got all that right, if not, throw me a question

Chenko #4 Posted May 18 2011 - 21:29


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Top right hand corner in the garage the button that says 'purchase gold' takes you to a page to do just that - buy gold.
Button below that allows you to convert your newly purchased gold into the silver credits.
Button below that allows you to convert the gained experience from your elite units to 'free xp' to be used on any tank... purchased with gold.

Under the big red BATTLE button top middle of garage you will fid a Store button... buy your new tanks there!

Please excuse the inaccuracies i am writing from memory at work... hope this helps!

thetank19 #5 Posted May 19 2011 - 00:49


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First with gold. You must pay real money to gain gold, there is a 'Get Gold' button at the top right of your screen in your garage. This then takes you to another screen which gives you gold price amounts.

Any exprence you get on a tank can be converted to free exp. It costs 1 gold to convert 25 exp on a tank into 25 free exp. Also 5% of all of the Exp you get in a battle is added to your free Exp. Free Exp can be used on any Tank instead of being restricted to the tank you get it on like normal exp. It is used after all the normal exp on your tank has been expended. e.g. If you are researching a 200 exp turret and you have 100 exp on your tank and 200 exp it will use you 100 tank exp first then 100 of your free exp.

Thirdly the crown means you have reasurched everything on these tanks. This means you have reasurched the tier 2 tanks. Choose one you like and you can buy it at the store. This is the third tab from the left on you garage.

I hope this has been helpful :)

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