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How good is the Churchill III premium?

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Poll: How good is the Churchill III premium? (228 members have cast votes)

How good is the Churchill III premium?

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M477145_N1l550n #21 Posted Sep 08 2014 - 02:39


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You want a good DPM-oriented T5 Premium, get a Ram 2.

predavolk #22 Posted Sep 08 2014 - 15:59

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View PostIronFist93, on Sep 07 2014 - 14:57, said:


I would recommend this tank, it is really good. I actually did a review of this tank a while ago, you may want to check it out. It was the first premium I bought, and still in my top three favorites! 



Interesting video!  You had a good match too.

ENPRO #23 Posted Sep 08 2014 - 16:11


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its a money making machine and way fun in church platoons

with my bia crew i get 1.6 sec reload .... devastating!!!

Chanault #24 Posted Dec 04 2014 - 04:42

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I just got mine and after several months of hard luck play this tank is lucky for me so far. You die a lot in this tank but even when you don't get many shots before you die just your presence seems to change how the enemy plays. This has lead to some victories even when I did very little. It is easy to make 10 to 20K silver per game. Doesn't seem like much but wait till you hit higher tiers and either break even or lose silver. Love this tank so far.

Ironclad73 #25 Posted Dec 22 2014 - 06:54


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View PostM477145_N1l550n, on Sep 07 2014 - 17:39, said:

You want a good DPM-oriented T5 Premium, get a Ram 2.


Except a Ram is not a soviet tank, nor a heavy so can't use on his Soviet heavy line.

sharlin648 #26 Posted Jan 03 2015 - 13:36


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The Mark III was my first Soviet heavy tank and my first premium, and I had a stonker of a game in him recently.  Sadly I didn't record it otherwise i'd pass it to Jingles.


As you can see a very teir 5 match, four Churchill III's two on each team and it was so close, I was down to 9% health, the other surviving Churchill was at 3% with a dead driver whilst my gunner was dead.


Only time I fired gold was at a 100% Churchill III on the other team to make sure I got him as I saw what the match was resting on, otherwise it was standard ammo all the way.


The Mark III can be quite tough and with a good gunner/crew and a rammer its gun is simply a hose of 6lb shells.  Sure they don't do that much damage but when your blatting one out in under 2 seconds you can batter a foe into submission or into going "Nope!" and backing off.  


Yes at teir 6 it can struggle but thats the worst you'll see.  And even then you can still hose a foe with shells.  Its also faster than a Mark I or VII (but then again so is a glacier) and has the usual british thing of not great top speed but it accellerates quite quickly to it.

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FishMadeOfBread2 #27 Posted Jul 27 2015 - 04:02


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Churchill III is by far best tank at its tier. Pen is ok at 110 and its shoots so fast u can demoshish your enemies. Great money maker too I get around 20000 a game when I do t do much u get a lot with good games

Ultrasonic2 #28 Posted Jul 28 2015 - 05:10

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View PostFishMadeOfBread2, on Jul 27 2015 - 04:02, said:

Churchill III is by far best tank at its tier. Pen is ok at 110 and its shoots so fast u can demoshish your enemies. Great money maker too I get around 20000 a game when I do t do much u get a lot with good games


Nah the kv220 is better and so is the excelsior and kv-1


The churchill 3 is only good if you can use it's DPM. It always losses in a peek a boom battle because it can't because of it's huge tracks and small alpha  

Sastus #29 Posted Aug 01 2015 - 18:06


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The Churchill III is now pretty pathetic at it's tier, OK at best when you have a favorable lucky MM, completely outclassed by the majority and powercreep. It is pretty useless against most reasonable players, it may have a rapid rate of fire, but with little damage, and plenty of dings it is little match for the guns it meets on equivalent tier 5 heavy matches, KV-1, ARL etc completely outclass it, most maps do not suit it, so a few screenshots and vids of good games are worthless.


Some games are over before you can even do half your HP in damage to the enemy, many of whom just ignore you and keep you in view for their arty. It was fun in the old days, but currently, after today's games, I feel it was a complete waste of 750 gold. I thought, solid earner, used to like it, KV-1 crew fits, so I can train them in it as I grind credits in this standard account. But it does so little damage the crew XP is worthless, and I get make just as many credits in regular tanks of that tier.

JulezRulez #30 Posted Aug 18 2015 - 22:11


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I agree with the poster above.  The pen is poor even for tier 5, the turret face can be penned by tier 4's, the accuracy is not great either.  Oh, and my gunner seems to die quite a bit, compounding the pen/accuracy shortcomings.

The only redeeming feature is the high ROF, but in order to use that, you have to keep your paper turret pointed at the enemy, so you have to hope it's not an experienced player who knows your weak spot.


 It can make money, but all too often you don't have the luxury (time) of aiming for weak spots, so you have to revert to prem ammo, and then your profits are gone.

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