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Operation Think Tank 2012 with Reference Points

OTT The_Chieftain Expert Panel

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SoukouDragon #1 Posted Sep 14 2014 - 19:06


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Operation Think Tank 2012 is a discussion with many great tank experts who are writers of books and some of them having served on tanks themselves. Having a collection of experts together for discussion with actual tanks in the back drop not only makes for a very informative source of information but also enjoyable to deepen one's understanding of tank history and tank technology. The discussion is also very approachable with good sense of humor and of the evident sharp thinking. Operation Think Tank is also great in serving as being introductory for anyone that has recently taken an interest in tanks. It happened in 2012 which is now already 6 years ago which is pretty amazing how fast the time has went by but this discussion still holds up as valuable. Since it is a lot of information, it is unlikely for someone to remember everything after having just watched it in a single session. So in order to facilitate its use as a quick reference source of information, reference points of time for each topic in the long discussion is added. There are 12 parts, here is the first part.


Part 1

2:20 Why are tanks called tanks?

4:30 The development of technologies that led to the tank and the predecessors of the tank.

7:45 Influential people and background history in the development of the use the tank, such as blitzkrieg.

18:10 Interview with Steven Zaloga.


Part 2

1:00 Why French tanks were unable to better defend against Germany in 1940.

3:15 Tank development history in Germany, the UK, the US Army, and US Marine Corp.

14:21 Early export tank models such as the Vickers 6 ton and its influence. 

17:14 Interview with Hilary L. Doyle.


Parts 3 through to 12 will come later.


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Sanisk #2 Posted Sep 14 2014 - 19:13

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Seems interesting. Bookmarked for later :smile:

Orion3 #3 Posted Sep 14 2014 - 20:24


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Yeah. Interested but, no time to view now. Thanks OP.

KanonFodder #4 Posted Sep 15 2014 - 01:41


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Well there went several hours :smile: but well worth it.

Thanks for posting

SoukouDragon #5 Posted Sep 15 2014 - 14:35


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Part 3

00:15: Doctrinal requirements for developing the Tiger 1 and Panther
01:31: German Army opinion of Michael Wittmann, and of the Waffen SS units.
02:52: Tank Panic. WW1
05:09: IS-3 and development of Conqueror/M103
09:27: IS-3 vs IS-4
10:55: T-34 Tank Panic and its effect on German tank development.
13:22: Why did the US not use bigger guns like the British did?
17:55 Tank Destroyer doctrine.


Part 4

00:15 The M18 Hellcat and the utility of its speed.
01:45 Logistical concerns of introducing new ammunition types
03:06 Airborne Tanks
08:22 Sources of fire in a tank, specifically transmission.
09:48 Petrol vs Diesel
12:27 Interview with David Fletcher
14:35 Why was Panther not as effective as it should have been?
17:28 Effectiveness of strategic bombing on tank production

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SoukouDragon #6 Posted Sep 17 2014 - 15:12


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Part 5

00:20 How do you stay warm in a tank?
03:30 Chieftain reminiscing
04:25 Back to staying warm in the tank
08:20 Development of tank uniforms
10:23 Interview with Harry Yeide


Part 6

00:16 AAMGs on M4s, Maus
01:35 Infra-red night fighting and searchlights
05:50 CDL tanks
08:30 Close support tanks and assault guns


Part 7

0:15 The background story as to how various tanks got their name

13:50 Describing the Conqueror tank and its use in tank units

15:59 The difficulties with the Rotatrailer

19:11 The difficulties with the Valiant tank.

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SoukouDragon #7 Posted Sep 23 2014 - 15:05


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Part 8

0:21 Spaced armor effectiveness and experimentation of it during WW2

9:08 Low and high velocity HEAT round development

12:30 Interview with Kenneth Estes

16:42 Repairing tracks out in the field

19:30 German late war experimentation with gun stabilizers and autoloaders

20:55 Gun stabilizers in various British Cold War tanks


Part 9

0:14 The effectiveness of US artillery in direct and indirect fire against AFVs in WW2

2:49 Tank HE rounds vs other tanks

5:17 Development of the use of sloped armor and its advantages and disadvantages

10:43 Why oscillating turret tank designs were not greatly adopted in service

13:09 The use of flame tanks in WW2



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SoukouDragon #8 Posted Oct 02 2014 - 06:55


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Part 10

0:13 Various kinds of tank suspension designs

5:20 Influence of required man hours involved in tank production

7:40 Is there a unifying criteria between different countries in tank gun penetration testing?

8:40 Relative late introduction of sabot (APFSDS) by the US

10:40 Stug Krocodile design did not exist

12:11 More of tank name origin and some names that were approved but not used

14:16 Different locations of the various facilities involved in the total production of a tank

15:20 Limited degree of consideration of ergonomics in tank designing

16:50 Main gun round type composition in tanks. APCR was very uncommon, HE was the most common.

21:05 The holy trinity of  tank design; armor, firepower, and mobility. Communication likely a fourth.

21:36 Can the T-54 be considered to be the first MBT (Main Battle Tank)?


Part 11

0:15  About the M4 Sherman, its effectiveness, and its reputation

3:20 Two German units that used Ferdinand/Elephants, one used them effectively, the other did not

4:21 WW2 and Post-war tanks that apparently used WW1 tank design concepts, such as TOG and ARL44

6:31 The critical nature of situational awareness and shooting first in tank vs tank combat

12:00 The British logistic and design concept behind tank machine guns and main gun ammunition types

14:44 "Amphibian tanks" (eg LVT4) and "amphibious tanks" (eg DD M4) -- "armored amphibian" in USMC

22:04 A proud aspect in British tank development; the boiling vessel

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