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Operation Think Tank 2012 with Reference Points

OTT The_Chieftain Expert Panel

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SoukouDragon #1 Posted Sep 14 2014 - 19:06


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Operation Think Tank (OTT) is a panel discussion about tanks with tank experts. It is a fascinating watch. The videos already have threads in The_Chieftain's Hatch section of the forums but since the number of views is lower then what OTT is worth, I think OTT hasn't gotten enough exposure, hence me making this thread in the general section. Like a sort of "bump" if you will. Would be a real interesting watch if another could happen.


It is a long watch, all 12 parts together make up 4 hours or so. So take it part by part. The videos are crammed with information, a critical watch for anyone into tanks. It also happens to have a good amount of humor in it as well. Reference time points are added below each part to make referencing to the videos easier.


Direct any questions you may have about these videos to Operation Think Tank 2012 sub forums section. It is within The_Chieftain's Hatch section of the forums. Link to OTT 2012 forum sub section below.




Part 1


2:35 Origin of the name "Tank".

4:27 How the tank was able to be invented and why it wasn't invented before WW1.

7:40 Development of tank warfare doctrine and its key people.

15:00 General Patton not liking the Pershing tank myth and the little actual influence field commanders had on tank development.

18:10 Steven Zaloga interview.


Part 2


0:13 French tank situation in 1939/1940 and its misconceptions.

3:15 Tank and tank doctrine development during interwar and WW2 in the following:

.........3:28 Germany

.........5:32 Great Britain

.........7:20 US Army

.........10:49 US Marine Corps

14:18 Interwar export tanks such as the Vickers 6 ton and their influence on tank development in other countries.

17:13 Hilary L. Doyle interview.


Part 3


0:15 Tiger 1's development and Wittmann.

3:05 Tank Panic (1916 first use of the tank on the battle field).

5:02 Tank Panic (IS3 parade in Berlin and Conqueror.

7:00 M103 heavy.

9:22 IS3 problems and IS4.

10:53 Tank Panic (T-34).

13:55 Why the US tank guns were weaker than British.

17:47 US tank destroyers and tank destroyer doctrine.


Part 4


0:12 M18 Hellcat top speed usefulness.

1:35 Logistics burden to adding new ammunition types to the battle field.

3:06 Unusual methods of transporting tanks; Airborne tanks.

8:25 Degree of Transmission oil fire hazard.

9:47 Diesel engine vs Petro engine.

12:25 David Fletcher interview (Question at 13:32 is "What area in the museum has the best display?")

14:35 Panther's reputation, actual performance, lack of both experienced crew and fuel, and tactical situation.


Part 5


0:30 Staying warm inside a tank (Centurion, Chieftain).

4:29 Staying warm inside a tank (Germans, Russians, and M4 Sherman).

8:19 Tanker uniforms.

10:23 Harry Yeide interview.


Part 6


0:17 About the 50 caliber MG on the outside of the M4 Sherman.

1:38: Night fighting. German WW2 infrared and infrared post-war.

5:44 Light as a weapon idea and the CDL (Canal Defense Light).

8:23 British close support tanks (derps if you will).

10:01 US close support tanks.

13:29 German close support tanks.


Part 7


0:14 British tank names.

5:41 German tank names.

7:36 US tank names.

12:10 Tank names continue into German tanker report documents and the Challenger (not the WW2 one)

13:50 Conqueror tank deployment and it in Germany.

16:00 The towed behind a tank Rotor trailor.

19:10 Valiant tank.


Part 8


0:23 Spaced armor. German shultzen.

2:41 US experimented and field improvised add-on armor.

5:23 Mid 1944 German research into improvised armor.

6:30 US negative results of improvise armor and crew morale.

9:12 High velocity HEAT and when tanks started using them.

11:03 Swiss inventor Henry Mohaupt and HEAT.

12:02 Kenneth Estes interview.

16:44 Repairing a track in the field.

19:45 German work on gun stabilization and auto loading during WW2.

21:10 Gun stabilization on the Centurion, Chieftain, and Conqueror.


Part 9


0:15 Indirect and direct artillery fire vs AFVs.

2:49 Tank using HE vs tank effectiveness.

5:11 Sloped armor history.

10:42 Oscillating turrets.

13:03 Flame tanks (US Army).

16:17 Flame tanks (British).

17:36 Flame tanks (US Marine Corps).

18:40 Flame tanks (Germany).


Part 10


0:15 Tank suspensions (Christie, German Torsion/leaf spring, British Hortsmann, Torsion bar).

5:15 Man-hours spent on Russian and German tank production.

7:41 Is there a comparative data from the same place of all guns from different countries using the same criteria? Nope.

8:26 Relative to the British, late introduction of sabot rounds to US tanks.

10:42 Fake Stug E-100 Krocadile.

12:27 *for giggles* most deserving person to get a tank named after them.

14:15 Distributed WW2 German tank production.

15:22 Crew ergonomics at the tank design stage.

17:00 HE used more than AP, never mind APCR, by US tanks.?

21:06 After the trinity of firepower, speed, and armor, the next best possible candidate for a 4th feature.


Part 11


0:20 M4 Sherman's good qualities yet bad rep.

3:21 Ferdinand mixed performance; crew skills matter.

4:20 TOG design reasoning and ARL44.

6:29 Spotting advantage, first shot off and subsequent second shot off (WW2 and early Post-war).

12:00 British tank logistical issues: machine guns and HE.

14:44 US armored amphibians (amphibian tanks: LVT-1, LVT-4) and amphibious tanks (D-Day M4 Sherman).

22:00 First tank to have a boiling vessel.


Part 12


0:15 Conqueror's auto ejection and hunter-killer systems.

4:00 Rob Griffin interview.

8:45 First tank with a small turret (kid's question): Renault FT.

9:26 Under popularized WW2 tanks.

11:10 Lend-lease tanks concerning Great Britain and Russia.

12:04 Heavy tank effectiveness.

14:36 Effectiveness of both allied air superiority vs tanks and flakpanzers.


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Sanisk #2 Posted Sep 14 2014 - 19:13

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Seems interesting. Bookmarked for later :smile:

Orion3 #3 Posted Sep 14 2014 - 20:24


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Yeah. Interested but, no time to view now. Thanks OP.

KanonFodder #4 Posted Sep 15 2014 - 01:41


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Well there went several hours :smile: but well worth it.

Thanks for posting

SoukouDragon #5 Posted Sep 15 2014 - 14:35


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Yea, no problem. In order to serve as an easier source to refer to, parts 1 and 2 got reference time points added. Will add references times for the other parts later.

SoukouDragon #6 Posted Sep 17 2014 - 15:12


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Part 3 reference points added. Will try to speed up the reference making later.

SoukouDragon #7 Posted Sep 23 2014 - 15:05


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Parts 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 got their time references added. I'll give it one more bump when the rest get it added.

SoukouDragon #8 Posted Oct 02 2014 - 06:55


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And that's a wrap.. parts 9, 10, 11, and 12 got their time point references added.


This thread has been linked and added to the listings in the Japanese tank consolidation thread so that should this thread get archived, it will still be a quick link click away.


And a link of this post has also been posted in the OTT 2012 sub-section.

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