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New Clan Positions

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stonegoblin9 #81 Posted Apr 29 2016 - 02:19


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Hello guys I am new to the forums but one of my clan mates was talking to me and he said that somehow in his last clan the Commander could modify the permissions of a rank but not by just assigning someone a new rank.

For instance only a Combat officer and above could start a skirmish or something like that.


Is that possible and if so how do I do that because I cannot find it at all.


Thanks, Stone

Wiked_Anton #82 Posted Apr 23 2017 - 01:18


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I really dont see the point in privates, recruits and reservists having the ability to create SH/ skirmish detachments when they have no commend structure within the clan. these three positions should be restricted to lesser details as in the real military, or at least we should be able to restrict them


poppa_1_charlie #83 Posted May 30 2017 - 07:23


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so than explain the what not of a spy?

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