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Seeking help in a TD (video included)

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Lougle #21 Posted May 23 2011 - 03:11

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Great idea posting videos asking for some advice.  My hats off to you sir.

Funny thing in this game about tracks is on most tanks they seem to have a seperate health pool from the tank.  I've hit tier 4/5 tanks with the big 130mm Gun on my IS-4 and done no damage, just tracked them.

One shot to the tracks with a fast firing Tank Destroyer is great to stop your target.  After that you want to try and start doing some damage if possible.  Move up slightly from the tracks so you are hitting Hull and not just tracks.  Obviously the back of the tank if possible, if not the side of the Hull near the back can get good results too.  Engine fires are so great, when they happen to the other guy.

Also in your last StuG video you are firing at the T1 Heavy and you get hit.  After this you keep shooting 4-5 more shells before finally dying.  Personally, as soon as I'm spotted and taking fire with my StuG I am getting out of Dodge.  While you do have some armor in the front, it isn't near enough to trade hits.  Retreat a bit and start again when the heat falls a bit.

I thought your play was pretty good, I would have targeted the tanks a little differently, but knowing each tank and good spots to hit them comes with time and practice.  

Generally:  Turrets have more armor than Hulls.  American Turrets are pretty much indestructible.  Soviet Heavies have good slope to the armor and you want to try and make sure you are getting direct hits if possible.  The weak spot on a KV (tier 5) is the sides and back of its large box turret (hatch on the back very weak)  All tanks are vulnerable to engine fires when hit in the rear.  Even more so when using HE.

Checking the specific Nation/Tank forums is a good source for info on how to fight the different tanks.

Good luck, after a bit you will make them cry.

Methos911 #22 Posted May 23 2011 - 15:10

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in your Stug, stop attacking from the open. find a bush or other object to hide behind.

Also, on the new matchmaking, Tier 5 seem to get paired with higher tiers for some reason. Stick with it. A top end TD in the right hands is a mean piece of equipment. I just got my Object 704 last night and I love it! (Loved my ISU too though)

Sometimes, you need to have priorities on targets. Other times, when you are frustrated, you just want to kill something.

multiple targets: is anyone low health that 1 hit will finish them? With a fast loading gun like the Stug, you might wanna try finishing off low HP targets first.

Are any of them low enough that you can ignore their shots and shoot a higher priority target? what is YOUR priority?

Are any of them fast moving, sitting still, looking at other targets? it's always fun to shoot targets when they aren't focused on you.

FIND COVER - serious, a few times in both videos of the stug, you are in in an open field firing on targets. Find a bush to hide behind. Rotate your camera to be sure that your tank is hidden 100% and nothing is show (white outline). Knocking over a tree does not count as cover. Find better cover (see next section about the maps)

Learn the maps! use training mode with a friend if necessary. With any tank (especially a TD) you need to learn where the better cover is on each map and have some type of game plan. Don't wander around and try to hide behind the smallest bush on the field. Have some knowledge of the map and know where the best spots are to ambush your prey!

Hope that helps.

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