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AT-1 tips and advice

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1An0maly1 #1 Posted May 20 2011 - 20:08


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The AT-1 is a TD that... is a love/hate relationship, usually both at the same time.

The stock everything is at best decent, at worst, laughable. And even with everything upgraded you will max out at 30 kph on a good road. On a slope or even slight hill that can drop to 14 or less, ouch.

I play the AT-1 because I am good at it. And that's why I made this, to show that even if you only want to grind through this tank to continue on in your quest for the holy grail of TD death cannons that you can at least have a little fun.

For starters, the ultimate goal for the AT-1 fire power wise is the 57 mm ZIS, there's a reason why it costs just about as much as the BT-2. This gun is to an enemy tank as a Barret .50 cal is to an enemy infantryman. Its extremely accurate and with its penetration you still have a high chance of killing an opponent even from ridiculous ranges (especially because most other tier 1's or tier 2's have close to half or even less armor then your gun's penetration value). The big question is, "why give this tank a gun with much much much more penetrating power then necessary?" The answer is because as the distance to the target increases your penetration decreases linearly. The idea is that if you start out with a very high amount of penetration then by the time it hits the enemy from a few hundred meters away the shell will still have more then enough penetrating energy left to slide cut through the enemy armor.

Next is positioning, location location location. The best position for this TD is on the side of a map, as is (in theory) with most other TD's. Your flanks are weak, so by occupying the side of a map you only have to look out for one of your flanks(hopefully). Prokhorovka is any AT-1's wet dream especially if you spawn in team II. Simply drive to the western road, find a bush to hide behind (shouldn't be too difficult because there's so many) park yourself so your ENTIRE front hull is hidden by a bush. This is important, If any part of your front hull (not including the cannon) is sticking out or is not covered then there's no point. Being a TD you get a camouflage bonus as well as a bonus from being still as well as a bonus from being behind a bush, pretty nifty. Aim your gun so its looking at the top of the ridge running horizontally through the center of the map.

Soon enough enemy tanks (for some reason at this tier they think this is a good idea) start coming over this hill to try and make a charge...or something. With the 57 mm ZIS all you have to do is apply a little lead to your target and shoot, its as easy as that. I've even killed half a dozen Hetzers that decided to go over that ridge because it gave me a nice target of their right armor, some were even one hit kills with 100% of their HP. What's nice is that there are certain areas of the bush 'ridge' your hidden in that allow you to be elevated almost as high as the center horizontal ridge itself. Which means that any tanks coming down will be below you. They will be far enough below that you can hit their top armor with ricochet, but not so far as you can't move your gun down that low.

You shouldn't have to drive far, remember, the goal isn't to get as close as possible to the ridge because your gun's pentration already takes care of the distance problem. The goal is to find somewhere that gives you a good view of any tanks that would come down the ridge and to find a bush to hide yourself from counter fire.

The advantage of the AT-1 is it's 57mm ZIS, it can fire from insanely long ranges. I have shot tanks from halfway across the map and after three volleys killed them, and never took any return fire. And to lead a target is relatively easy with this gun; at anything within a decent range (less then 300m)all you do is aim for the very front of their tank, and fire. Maybe add a little millimeter (monitor distance, not in game distance) here or there. With a BT-2 or fast Stuart it becomes somewhat more difficult.

Ideally you should be able to find a good hill overlooking enough area so that you can park yourself there through the entire match. Some maps this is impossible, but others it is perfectly easy.

Listen, I can't guaruntee that with this advice you will be a rockstar tier 2 TD, or even that you can have fun. It all has to do with your personal preferences. The AT-1 is a tractor with a sniper rifle on top. It's slow and it cannot keep up with friendly advances. The only reason why it has an engine is so that you can move that big honking beast of a gun from your base to some hill. That's it.

I enjoy the AT-1 a lot, if I find a good spot to just sit down and snipe from I can go a whole game without taking any damage and having taken down three to five enemy tanks. The AT-1 is a patient hunter, you find a bush and just wait in ambush for the enemy to come along.

Whee #2 Posted May 20 2011 - 20:37


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Ah, I guess the PanzerJager isn't better than this TD. Thanks, I will look forward to Russian TDs =P.

vali1005 #3 Posted May 20 2011 - 23:29


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View PostWhee, on May 20 2011 - 20:37, said:

Ah, I guess the PanzerJager isn't better than this TD. Thanks, I will look forward to Russian TDs =P.

Unfortunately, no, the PzJager is not better. In fact, Russian TDs tier 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 can equip guns that are 2 tiers higher, which makes them very dangerous on the field. The only non-Russian TDs that can do that are the German Marder II and the Ferdinand.

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