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! LAG !

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Oxyclean #1 Posted May 22 2011 - 04:39


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OK since the new update I was having no lag at all, now lag lag lag, I just spent my hard good money on that game lag...

And from the looks of it it's not there fault ... hard to beleive that one... going back to play COD black ops at least I'm not getting the LAG.... I wish I could get my moneu back....

WotTha #2 Posted May 22 2011 - 04:48


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Yep...  The LAG is accross the board and it looks like the issue is in VA link in the USA. The Lag is also worst during Clan Wars Battle times. Afor instance is that as an Australian player in the west of my country I have a standard Ping of 320 but this climes to 500 with Major LAG Spikes during the above mentioned times. This makes the game un-playable.

We must also remember that CW is still Beta so issues are to be expected.


Konflict #3 Posted May 22 2011 - 04:54

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I know the search feature is hard to understand

But this has been answered so many times.

Please read this thread


The issue is not WoT and the Devs have responded to this

Wikiuptown #4 Posted May 22 2011 - 13:21


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so what you are saying Konflict is that 90% of the NA server players all have shitty ISP and/or computers?  Yeah right.  WG is passing the buck and blaming their customers.  Really stupid market plan tbh.  The issue is the routing service WARGAMING is using in NA.  It is a cheap service than can barely handle 10k people.  WarGaming is still at fault here.  They should be all in this company's ass about getting it fixed.  If no fix soon then WG needs to go to another routing service.  

~one of the many players who will not give a dime to a broken ass game~   Wiki

VonKilldem #5 Posted May 24 2011 - 02:03


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Yeah lag can totally ruin it. I have a great Internet connection and yet my ping is most often red rather  than green, server strain for sure. Tanks skipping 50 feet at a time across the ground are kinda hard to hit!

dannyk77 #6 Posted May 27 2011 - 11:31


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Konflict -this is bogus.
Prior to the update the game played fine - no issues with lag.
Afterwards, most everyone now has lag.  Did all the servers and routers change the same day the update was released?  Of course not.  Stop buying into this bogus reason.

They obviously made changes that require more bandwidth or other software changes (like graphics) that make the game much more jerky, harder to control tanks, tanks jumping from one spot to another, difficulty in aiming at tanks, etc.  Call it lag or xyz problem, but the problem happened when the update was released and can only be corrected with a new update that addresses these issues.

The sooner people stop buying the servers being the problem, the sooner they will fix the real problem.

Worsel #7 Posted May 28 2011 - 00:51


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I am still getting lag when the population of the server goes above 10000.
When that happens I get 5000 credits and 7000 repairs.(2000 in the hole)

Also I have more ping since the patch , I used to have 260-280 which was playable now 295-320.
I feel that the higher ping gets I shoot more Ghostshells.

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