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Pc shutting down now and then with WOT

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gingerbill #1 Posted May 22 2011 - 20:58


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Played WOT since beta but since the last patch every now and then my PC shuts down . When Pc shuts down you think tempratures but my temps are fine on GPU and CPU , plus WOT doesnt even raise the temps that high . Also play many other games that tax the PC more but only shuts down in WOT . I can play for 7 hours straight and be fine but then the next day it can happen after 10 minutes . Strange . I can only assume its some strange very random bug.

Got an intel dual core and a GTX260 on win XP . Just wondering if anyone else had had this?

SweepsTank #2 Posted Jun 23 2011 - 02:43


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I am having the same problem.

k3nnynapalm #3 Posted Jul 21 2011 - 17:06


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View PostSweepsTank, on Jun 23 2011 - 02:43, said:

I am having the same problem.


Hey all, As opposed to starting a new thread for the same thing, I am going to tack it on to here.
My PC is spec'd out pretty good, it's got an ATI Radeon vid card (exact model escapes me - but its very similar to this http://www.memoryexp.../PID-MX32579(ME).aspx - at least $$ wise :P

Other games run more than fine. CIV5 is more intensive than WOT is, and it works great... well.. as great as CIV can play (dat memory hog). The computer doesnt seem to be over heating (I opened the case and blasted another fan at it).

Updated vid card drivers, changed some settings regarding Catylist Control Center's AI settings... (preformance as opposed to high quality).

Still, after about 5-15 minutes of play - the PC just shuts right off. My friend has the same vid card, and he is running fine - so I dont think thats it.

I JUST found out that my buddy installed this game on my computer to test it working, and I didn't realize it - so I installed the game as well.... I'm wondering now if its a conflict of installation files. I'll be uninstalling the game fully, and reinstalling again to see if this resolves the issue.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what you have tried. Please let me know if you need further info - and I can get that for you (I'm at work right now... hence my un-informational post).  

Thanks all,


*edit - looks like someone who was having this issue with World Of Warcraft needed a new power supply.... just listing that here as it might be a step i might take if this reinstall doesnt work.

* edit again - Looks like an uninstall - and reinstall is working so far...... I'll let you know if it happens otherwise

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