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A kind request from a noob td driver

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aquabat #1 Posted May 23 2011 - 04:09

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Well, I'll admit to being a subpar player, but even I come to notice some things. As much as I know most of those who need to change their ways are not reading the forums, I think this is worth a shot. So, here are some knowledge I've got after beta/release:

1. Your team certainly is not the Russian army. We, TDs, are not behind you to prevent you from retreating. That is actually a better tactic sometimes. What is the point in trying to push through with a handful of near-dead tanks when, whether have you had retreated, you could have lured the enemy into a position where you would have support and might have been not as damaged in the end (that is if you don't die).
2. This one is closely connected to 1 is especially valid for some maps. When you know there are some god-awful base campers (like me) and that they have eyes on the ridge in front of you, but not beyond that, do not take the battle over the damned ridge. Pull back and attract your foe. Then those stupid base campers will be actually able to help you.
3. Some tanks are slower. Try to stop every now and then so the guys following you can keep up. More often than not when you fly ahead of your column your teammates will not be able to get there in time to save you and, no matter how bad your tank is, it can always distract other tanks and prevent that 1 shot that meant living for your team slower high tier tank.
4. Move in packs. Every time I saw a team win was mostly because of good teamwork rather than good tanks. This is not the wild west. No point in trying to duel.
5. Please, when you see a td somewhere, don't get in front of him to get the kill. Especially if you are going to wait for your gun to reload. First, it can get you killed. Second, it's pretty hard for a td to reposition. We lose cover. We have to turn our whole tanks to aim. We are slow. Most of all, we rely mostly on staying still until we fire so someone won't one/two shoot us. With a few exceptions you are usually higher than us anyway, use us as your damned cover if you really must get that last shot. Just don't get infront of us.

Thank you very much.

Greneral_Maow #2 Posted May 23 2011 - 04:20


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View Postaquabat, on May 23 2011 - 04:09, said:

when you see a td somewhere, don't get in front of him to get the kill...Just don't get infront of us.
I dont know if they realize what they're doing, but its one of the most frustrating things about playing a tank destroyer. The only exception to this is in urban areas, where it works well if your teammate fires then scoots back out of your lof.

Kritdonkulus #3 Posted May 23 2011 - 04:22

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I love tank destroyers! Especially pulling up behind them so they can't back away from danger and using them to achieve hull-down protection in my tank ^_^.

No really don't do this, it's a douche bag(although effective /cough) thing to do.

Zaichik #4 Posted May 23 2011 - 05:07


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As another noob TD driver, I'd like to add a #6 to the OP's list:

6) Once you all get blown up, shut up and let us do our job.

Here's what just happened to me.  I spawned into a game of Mountain Pass as the lowest tank on the map, in my AT-1.  (I actually have an SU-76 now but was trying to get the double exp for first battle of the day.)  I decided, on that map, that my best bet was to stay back and defend the base and the arty.  So I snugged back into a nice deep hide, and waited.

For most of the game.  Because, at first, my team was advancing; and then they got pushed back into forward defensive positions.  And then they got blown up.  And right after that, the last of our arty got counter-batteried.

So there I was, about 3 minutes left in the game, alone on my own flag.  Should I been out front, and dead with the rest?  Probably; but the last three times I've played that map, my team lost because nobody stayed at the flag.  

Against me were two arties and another higher-tier tank destroyer.  (That's all I can tell ya; I'm not good with the little icons yet.)

So I decided, fine.  I'm fine with a draw.  There's zero chance of crossing that whole map in an AT-1 in the time that's left, so I'll stay in my chosen defensive position, wait for them to come to me, and at least deny them the win.  

And that's what I did.  But oh, you should have heard the howling and abuse from my dead team mates!  I guess they wanted me to go out and charge and die ... or watch the clock run out half way across the map, which is all the further I would have got in that clunky overloaded golf cart.  But I got told to "learn to play", that I "fail at this game", that I "need to get out more", plus I got mocked for "being out of gas", hiding, being a coward, et cetera.

For the record, it's funny when dead people tell you how much you (the live player) is full of fail.

Eventually, with about 50 seconds left on the clock, that last TD came around the corner and onto our flag, right in the middle of my sights.  2% health was all he had, and what did my first shot do?  "Bounced right off him!"  But his first shot didn't kill me through my front armor, and my second shot came sooner, and he was dead.  I surged forward, and right around the corner surprised his supporting SU-26.  We exchanged shots, he missed, I didn't, and now it's 1 versus 1.  

Sadly, this is not a triumph story; the clock ran out right then.  I got my draw, plus two kills, and was successful in my original map goal of defending the flag.  

People, lying in a hide and defending a spot is pretty much all that low-level TDs are good for.  I love to watch Hetzers prowl, but you can't do that in a Tier II TD.  And the problem with picking a spot and waiting for the enemy to come to you is, sometimes that doesn't happen fast enough to win the game.  But, barring special circumstances, it's still usually smarter to keep holding your ground than to go out roaming alone.  If you've picked a good spot, eventually the enemy's lust to win will give you one good shot at him.  And one or two good shots is all a lowbie TD can really hope for.  Why not hang tight until you get them, then make 'em count?

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