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Tankette #121 Posted Mar 26 2017 - 04:02


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EDIT: Oops, I'm in the wrong place.

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Hunterz1974 #122 Posted Apr 28 2017 - 03:20


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Ya I see an abuse of power and your lame [edited]is prob. going to remove my comments because you don't want people talking bad about this crapass game. I really don't give a crap if you like my language the biggest damn mistake wargaming made was this stupid [edited]update. My accuracy is way off and you cant tell me you didn't screw with that because you didn't. Its sad when I shot a tier8 scout in the side w/ gold might I add and with my tier 10 T110e4 3 times and it tells me I didn't even scratch him. But yet that [edited]can pin me all day long and walk all over me. Ya I know my stats suck you don't have to remind me I get reminded enough in the game everyday. Sad part is the stupid [edited]idiots that normally remind don't have crap for damage and I have top damage. But to the point I want to make I have spent a lot of money on this game and I'm not wasting my money on this game anymore. Nothing not a dime I will go w/out premium and oh btw I am going to start to team kill people again that I hear complain about arty. I don't care if I get kicked from the game I don't care if I get kicked from my clan. You can message my clan commander all you want. I don't care you guys have really screwed up this game I personally know of at least 100 people that have uninstalled this game they are that pissed with the update. And personally I don't blame them. Sad when I report people for team killing and nothing is done just like in my last post about the other dude that team kills arty every time I see him. But yet he's still playing the game isn't that amazing. So to my last point I'M never spending another dime on this game but you all don't give a care anyways because I'm not part of a big clan. But I bet if I was you would prob change a few things just to make the big clans happy. Because they bring you the big bucks. So to all you [edited]out there that are part of a Big Clan you can kindly [edited]OFF. And you cant take your Warpack and shove it up your [edited]asses have a great day. And oh admin go ahead and remove this post I will just keep putting it back up till you get a [edited]point.

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