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Stand-To Rules

Stand-To Rules

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General Stand-To Rules & Regulations:


By participating in any World of Tanks Stand-To tournament, you agree to abide by all rule sets, tournament regulations and administrative rulings.


Team captains are responsible for their team’s conduct and their team’s full understanding of the rules.


Team names

  • Team names must adhere to game and forum rules.
  • Team names violating game or forum rules may result in tournament disqualification and include game bans.
  • Tournament administration reserves the right to edit team names.
  • Tournament administration reserves the right to change team names to prevent specific picking for preferential map side.


Participation Requirements

  • All participants must log in to World of Tanks at least once before being able to register for any Stand-To.
  • There is no maximum number of teams; all teams that fit the registration criteria may participate.
  • A team must have at least the minimum number of players, and no more than the maximum, to be eligible for acceptance in the Stand-To.



A dispute is a claim against an illegitimate result by an opponent’s violation of a written Stand-To rule.


Disputes must adhere to the protocol detailed below or risk having the dispute dropped by tournament administration.

  • Disputes must be submitted immediately after the round has concluded.
  • Disputes must be emailed to tournaments@wargamingamerica.com
  • The email subject/title must include the word “Dispute:” followed by the name of the event for which you are filing a dispute.
  • Disputes may only be filed by the team captain or any team member listed under team’s contact details.


Disputes must include the following in the body of the email or risk having the dispute dropped by tournament administration:

  • In-game name of the player submitting the dispute
  • Date of the Stand-To
  • Your team’s name with a link to your team’s page created for you during registration
  • Your opponent’s team name and a link to your opponent’s team page created during registration
  • Reason for dispute: e.g. “I would like to report the team for using a tank that was not allowed, the StuG III.”
  • An attached replay of the disputed battle(s)


Additional notes:

  • Opposing team captains will be alerted of the dispute by forum PM after the dispute is processed.
  • Captains are responsible for monitoring their PM inbox.
  • Three upheld disputes during a group stage reverses all scores from the offending team for that round.
  • Publicizing disputes prior to resolution is subject to penalties at tournament admin's discretion, not limited to:
    • Disregarding the dispute
    • Immediate team disqualification
    • Removal of offending player from the event


Remakes & Server Issues

  • A technical or server issue is any instance where the server is unable to correctly deliver the tournament battle impeding tournament progress for all teams.
  • If server issues cause a missed battle, the battle will be rescheduled by tournament admins to reproduce the missing match. Visit the Stand-To forums for the latest information.
  • Teams must allow up to 30 minutes for a scheduled round to initiate. If the match remains missing after 30 minutes, the match will either be rescheduled another day or the tournament will be cancelled.
  • Map settings cannot be adjusted once a special battle is initiated. Map settings become valid as they stand once a special battle initiates and are valid toward point accumulation.
  • Remakes: Granted at the discretion of tournament administration only under the condition that both team captains agree to replay the round.
  1. Each team captain must submit a replay of the round to tournaments@wargamingamerica.com within 24 hours.
  2. A forum PM must be directed to Dance210 that includes both team captains and confirms each captain's consent to a remake.
  3. Tournament administration will use the forum PM to confirm if a remake is granted.
  4. If a remake is granted, it will be scheduled to play the next day.


Other Warnings and Disqualifications

  • All penalties may take into account the severity of the violation, resulting in greater consequences.
  • Teams can be disqualified from future Stand-To and other Wargaming tournaments for unsportsmanlike conduct including, but not limited to, foul language, racism, profanity, disrespect of an official, streamer or caster.
  • Teams can be disqualified for intentionally using any prohibited bugs, exploits, hacks or are found to be utilizing unfair methods of competition by the tournament administration.
  • All warnings are final. A second warning for any other infraction of the rule-set is grounds for immediate removal pending an investigation by the tournament administration.


Stand-To Settings

Standard Stand-To Settings

  • Game Mode: Conditional
  • Team Size: Conditional
  • Substitutions: Players may be substituted freely between battles within a round, but must be on the roster at the start of the competition
  • Battle duration: Each battle will last a maximum of 10 minutes; if there is not a winner within the time limit, the battle will be considered a draw
  • Schedule: The Stand-To schedule will be finalized at the close of registration, once the final team count has been determined.
  • Group size: There will be a max of 10 teams per group. Depending on the number of teams, there may be less teams within a group.
  • Restrictions: There are no restrictions placed on equipment, consumables, crew or ammo.


Variable Stand-To Settings

The below settings may change and will be announced with the start of registration. Some settings may change daily while others may change weekly.

  • Team Size
  • Game Mode
  • Map(s)
  • Tier limits
  • Tank restrictions
  • Prizes
  • Victory Conditions
  • Schedule


Before the Round

  • Players are recommended to be online at least 15 minutes before the start of the round.
  • Reserve players are an available option to replace team members that do not show up for the Stand-To.
  • A team automatically forfeits the battle if not correctly readied by the scheduled time.
  • If a team cannot provide the minimum number of players for the battle, they may still battle with available players, unless otherwise stated on the tournament page.
  • If a team cannot provide the maximum number of tier points for the battle, they may bring fewer tier points, unless otherwise stated on the tournament page.
  • Every player is responsible for understanding all material in our FAQ.
  • Team captains are responsible for ensuring all tier rules are understood and followed.


During the Round

  • Ensure that replays are being saved to your replays folder for documenting your battles.
  • Use screenshots as supporting documentation when necessary.
  • Send a forum PM to the Stand-To (eSports) Admin for any immediate concerns.


Gold Payments

  • Gold is credited to player accounts as quickly as possible.
  • Gold payments could take up to 7 days after the Stand-To has finished to be credited.
  • There may be a delay in crediting the gold if a player changes his/her name during or immediately after the Stand-To concludes.

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