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How to Watch Replays (Old & New!)

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uberdice #41 Posted Jan 24 2018 - 08:00


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View PostCencrd, on Jan 23 2018 - 23:34, said:


Yes, you are right, I can open my replay (NA) in an EU client.

However, the problem still remains that to watch a replay you have to connect to one of the servers, and since I am an NA player and I'm using and EU client I can't connect to one of the servers (I left the client running for 45 minutes after 'logging in' and it still said 'connecting' after all that time). So I'm still at a loss for what to do.


Edit: I made an EU account and used those credentials to sign onto the EU client to see if that worked, same problem as above, still can't connect to the servers.


You don't have to connect to any servers, because replay files contain all the information needed for the client to view them, and require nothing from the server. In addition, and, in fact, as a result of this, they can only be run if the client isn't already running.


The other reason why you can't connect to the server using an older version is because you're trying to connect using an older version. But again, there's no need to log in just to watch replays.

Relico #42 Posted Jul 19 2018 - 21:09


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Was hoping there was an easier way, but thanks for the information :D

Bakuninin #43 Posted Dec 11 2018 - 06:42


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Ok, I just made a huge mistake and need to redo all the progress,

so let me pass time writing this.


How to Play old WoT replays

1. check the version of the replay, including the built number(in my case #938)

     use tools like "WoT Replay Analyzer" to make sure what client you want to download.

2. download the client from "djgappa.com"

     No matter where your region is, Download the client with the right built number. #938→SEA HD #938

     1.0.1 #855→NA HD #855

     0.9.20 #568→EU HD #56

3. extract the whole file, drag & drop the replay file to WorldOfTanks.exe(not the launcher)


I screwed up with step 2, realized after downloading the "wrong" client taking 4 whole days.

idk if bigger #numbers support the old #numbers replay with the same game version(x.x.x.x),

I need to test it after my extra 4 days.

Just for information... don't be a **** like me.

ExotikProdigy #44 Posted May 25 2019 - 10:08


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Do replays show up in your replay fold if you had "Last" selected while you played the game (said replay)?

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