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Of 47mm guns, 14TPs, and Polish Procurement

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Scootaloo23 #1 Posted Nov 11 2014 - 18:01


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I am in the midst of writing a story at the moment, and I am looking into potential upgrades for the 14TP tank. According to what I can find the intended armament was either the 37mm Bofors, or a 47mm gun. This 47mm mystery gun has my curiosity, as nowhere can I find it specified which 47mm gun was meant. Now of course the most likely candidate is the Vickers QQF 3 pounder, in Polish service at the time....but in terms of AT performance (which is what I am concerned about), it's actually kind of a downgrade from the 37.


What i am wondering though is, what if the Polish had been intent on procuring another 47mm AT gun for use in the 14TP, or at least considered it? There were plenty of high performance AT 47s running around in 1939, so I am curious as to which of those would the Poles have been most likely to be able to get their hands on. Among the ones I have looked at are:


Cannone da 47/32 M35- Italian Gun, used on the M13/40 and M14/41 tanks


4,7cm KPÚV vz. 36- AKA the 4.7 Cm Pak 36(t) used on the Pzjg I in game, Czech gun


47mm SA 35- French gun, used on the Somua S35 and Char B1


So considering the diplomatic situation and everything else, would it have been possible, even probable, for the Poles to get their hands on any of these guns?


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