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Crew camouflage skill?

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ValhallaRising #1 Posted May 31 2011 - 14:13


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I would like to know how crew camouflage skill is scaled. If the equipment camo gives -25% detection, then what does a crew with 100% give? Basically I would like to know if the crew camo really gives anything as there seems to be no metric to judge it by.

WavemanMAV #2 Posted May 31 2011 - 14:20


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Good question.  I would be interested in the mechanics if anyone knows.

_232MajorSprint #3 Posted May 31 2011 - 16:32

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View PostWavemanMAV, on May 31 2011 - 14:20, said:

Good question.  I would be interested in the mechanics if anyone knows.

Here are the links:


Camouflage   This skill improves the crewman's ability to hide the vehicle  from enemies, a higher level lowers the chances that the vehicle will be  spotted by the enemy, requiring enemies to be closer to the player in  order to detect him. The camouflage  skill is always active, and stacks with the camouflage bonus given for  not moving the turret or chassis. Tank Destroyers already start with an  inherent camouflage bonus and don't break the camouflage bonus when  moving their gun. This skill is quite useful for Tank Destroyers or any  other player that finds that remaining still and in one place is  advantageous for them.

A lot more on these pages, good idea to bookmark them.


daVinci761st #4 Posted May 31 2011 - 17:20


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You have to remember that if you move your tank hull, this breaks the camouflage bonuses, and you have to stop moving for at least 3 seconds for it to kick back in. You can move your turret and gun without penalty; however, if you turn your turret and the turret becomes uncovered from the bush(es), it could reveal your location...depending on your tank and your crew's secondary skills. If you do move your hull, you basically have a 20% greater chance of being spotted, and if you fire your gun, you have a 5%-40% easier to being spotted for 5 seconds depending on what is between you and those trying to spot you.

From what I've read, things changed after the last patch, and their used to be a good spreadsheet on camo values; however, I tried the link from the Wiki and the forums here, and it appears broken. From further reading, the new patch has changed some of the way camouflage and spotting is calculated; so, the values have changed.

I think the best advice I can give is, hiding in a bush that is 15 meters or less behind another bush is the way to go. You get the bonus of being in the bush, plus, having another bush 15 meters in front of you; although, according to the wiki and what I've read, you loose the additional bonus of any extra bushes within 15 meters of your tank helping to conceal you when you fire your gun for at least 5 seconds. If I interupted what I read correctly. From in game experience with my Pz IV sniping, this seems to be the case. I have been fortunate enough to get into a spot and pick off several tanks before I was spotted and had to move. I have a camo net, vent, and optics on my Pz IV along with a a commander that is at 100% with a 77% secondary camo skill. It seems to work really well if utilized properly. I know it works for TDs because when I play my Leo light tank and scouted, they can just pop up out of know where when I get within about 50 meters and it takes me to 40 meters or so before I see one.

Hope that helps.

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