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Taugrim's "Road to Unicum" Videos: Tank Reviews, Replay Commentary

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JoreyK #121 Posted May 12 2016 - 20:20


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Yay! I'm featured on the Taugrim Youtube channel, my 15 minutes of fame! :medal:


Another awesome vid, the last part was great team work!

taugrim #122 Posted Feb 17 2017 - 09:44


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Episode #33: Luchs Guide / Review, Playing the Long Game When Bottom Tier


I review the Luchs, a tier 4 German light tank, with a replay of a tier 7 Tundra battle.


The Luchs is an incredibly mobile burst damage dealer, but the player needs to manage the autocannon carefully. By applying the tactics discussed in this guide, I averaged a 4k WN8 and 70% win rate through 100 solo battles with silver ammo only.


Strengths and Weaknesses

+ superb turning radius

+ excellent burst damage per clip (300)

+ excellent top speed

+ good silver ammo penetration relative to its peers

+ good acceleration

+ good camouflage

+ good frontal gun depression of -8, goes up to -10 on the sides

- long clip reload (~16 sec)

- very poor accuracy (0.50)

- gun handling is poor, lots of reticle bloom on movement

- very susceptible to being tracked

- somewhat large profile for a light tank

Recommend Equipment

1. Optics

2. GLD

3. Vents: the best of the remaining options, given that the tank can't mount a Rammer and it's an excellent active scout so Binocs and Camo Net don't provide as much value



1. Reload for the autocannon is ~16 sec not 20 sec

2. Per fstd on Reddit: VERY important thing that [Taugrim] neglected to mention: The 30mm cannon has a limited range, the shells just disappear after about 420m IIRC (you can see the exact range in-game if you right click on the gun). XVM users can set it up to provide you with a circle that indicates this range. The gun isn’t just bad at sniping – it is quite literally incapable of it. Don’t even bother shooting at stuff outside of view range, because the gun’s range is definitely less than 445m


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