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Problem with Client Responsiveness

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stinkybean60 #1 Posted Dec 29 2014 - 03:00


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Was wondering if this is a known bug or just an issue on my end:


I got into a game with some platoonmates and my window froze, not responding. It's happened once or twice in the past two weeks or so, so I closed the window and reopened, hoping it would just fix itself. I also looked for any processes in Task Manager to close before reentering. I didn't see any, so I proceeded to login the client and it gave me the battle list with "Malinovka" on it, but nothing else. No teams, only the map name, where the teams would go, and the box at the bottom with the tips.


I restarted the client like 5 times hoping it would fix but the same thing happened, a non-responsive window.


Once the game ended, however, I was able to log back in to the garage. Lost a bunch of money on the game, but nonetheless I don't know if it was a game bug or a CPU bug. Sorry but I didn't think to take screenshots.


Any help/comments/similarites would be appreciated.

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