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View PostTheRebelRevolution, on Jan 02 2015 - 09:34, said:

☠__ N.A.F.I.G.Gaming™__☠


3 Tier 6s,8s and at least 1 10 tank ------> Main Clan

 Any Tier  ----->  Second Branch

 ts3 is the only requirement. 


We don't care what your win rate is.

Nor how many tanks you have. 

We have a spot for you.

No mandatory times to play.

this is a game after all.

Real life will always come first.

Platooning, we got that 24/7.


Have You been in more than 4 Major Clans in WoT 

Within six Months?

 Don't bother applying we hate clan hoppers.

​Age requirements

we are a guild of members aging from ? to 72

so as long as you can act accordingly we have no issue.

Clan Break Down


  TS3 Without it we wouldn't even bother with you.  

Get it Got it Gooooooooood !

 We stream for a few hours daily some days all day others not so much.

Head to Our Twitch

Don't forget YouTube

Standard Non Standard--> Recruitment Form !

Standard Non Standard--> Complaint Form!



N.A.F.I.G.G. ™


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