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Can't find my purchased item anywhere!

purchase lost

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MUNKHTUGS #1 Posted Jan 18 2015 - 14:07


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I just bought challenge pack for completing WZ-111 for Japan but could not find it anywhere. The Challenge: Japan is still not complete yet so I did not unlock WZ-111.

I even received e-mail from WG that package has been added to my account. I tired to reach WG but the only available option is submitting my ticket. I already submitted 2 tickets (yesterday and today) and still haven't heard back.


The thing is I have only ~20 hours left for WZ-111 event.


Here are my questions:

1. what happens if I could not find solution before the event finish?

2. usually how long does it take to reply for submitted tickets?

3. any suggestions?


Thank you for your opinion and help.

Warpig_n #2 Posted Jan 18 2015 - 14:19


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Was Japan the only token you needed? If so, it will still say in the missions that it is still available to do (so you can still get the 3 days premium). If you finished the other 6 and bought the japan, then you should have the WZ-111 in your garage already. Go look, bet you that it is there waiting for you to play it. GL

Darksamus224 #3 Posted Jan 18 2015 - 14:41


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Give the game a couple of minutes to figure that out. Even if you did buy a token the challenge will be incomplete anyways. When I bought my tokens it took about 5 or so minutes for them to take effect; it wasn't immediate.

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GeisterKatze #4 Posted Jan 18 2015 - 14:43


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One other thing.  WG has stated that multiple tickets on the same subject just slows the system down, as they will each be reviewed separately.  Also, your ticket goes into a que.  If you 'respond' to the ticket(ie, you want to add more information) your ticket will be resubmitted...back at the bottom of the que. 


Make one ticket, get all the information in, and let it sit.  Weekends are the longest wait, and you probably won't get an answer until Tuesday.  Keep screenshots showing the progress you made ingame on the WZ mission, and keep your email showing 'purchase' of the token you needed to complete.  As long as you can show you had all the countries covered by mission-completion or token-purchase you'll not have any problems.

YBSirius #5 Posted Jan 18 2015 - 15:05


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Yeah, mission will say not completed but the WZ111 will appear in your garage if you use tokens to finish it off.  No tokens or anything like that appear, just the tank.

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