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LFT 61%WR recent

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TheLoveHitman #1 Posted Jan 25 2015 - 10:49

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Since the format changed, and I still link people to this topic for reference, I feel like it should be updated. 


Tier 10 Tanks + Crews:

T57 Heavy Tank - 285%

Object 140 - 379%

T-62A - 297%

Is-4 - 356%

Is-7 - 340%

Object 268 - 389%

Batchat25t - 298%

E-100 - 370%

WTe100 - 384%

STB-1 - 210%


I'm getting the E5, Leo 1, and hopefully the t-22sr soon with similar crews to put in those tanks.


Tier 9 Tanks(I don't own any of these currently, but can buy them back at any time)




Object 704


Type 61



Clan wars experience: I used to do nightly clan wars with Pbkac and Bt. I have over 200 clan wars games along with doing many tier 10 strongholds. I have a lot of competitive experience in my 10's.


Team battle experience: I have been apart of a few teams, Danger Close, Hold my Beer(Who changed their name to I think "The Replacements" ), and a couple other teams that didn't have a name. I have played around 750 team battle games, calling roughly half of them. 


Since the change to tier 10, I feel like I can be a much better player in several ways in the new format. I am much more comfortable with my 10's, considering I play them very consistently. If you have anymore questions feel free to message me and I will respond to it.



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germansunite #2 Posted Feb 14 2015 - 09:29


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Hey we have a serious team looking for dedicated memebers and we only have one spot open. It is for the open cup so easy gold and good chance to make a name for ourselves. 

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