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The God. The BDR G1B.

BDR G1B great tank

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ElricJC #21 Posted Feb 02 2015 - 02:31

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I do adore the BDR. I really haven't played it much since Marks of Excellence came out, but it was one of my keeper tanks. Been playing it again this weekend for the WoT Bowl. Had some good games in it. I'm not a master in it, only 56% WR/1.41 Dam Ratio/2.35 Destruction ratio in 249 battles, but it is an excellent budget credit earner, and does such consistent damage. My WN8 in the tank since I started playing it again over the past week or so (and especially during the WoT Bowl) has been between 2,800-3,000. Been an enjoyable experience. I should take the Ugly Beast out more often. It and my KV-1S are my favorite, but very different, Tier 5 heavies.

Private_Public #22 Posted Feb 13 2015 - 18:53


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I think i'm one of the few that hates this tank.  Part of it was it was one of my first tier 5 tanks (i joined the game the patch before the french were introduced) and i was a terrible player back then - you can look at my stats in it and see i'm not lying.  Part of it was that I rebought it again last summer to try it out again now that I'm a much better player - and I still sucked with it.  Nothing I ever did was right and I constantly failed while playing it.  I honestly think this is just one of those tanks that I'm not compatible with.

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