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A comprehensive guide on how to level your tanks faster

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wietietie #1 Posted Jul 29 2012 - 12:29


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A year of supporting your thread, indeed dedication +1 ;)
Small note on the M3 Lee, not a bad tank if you know how to play it, which is not as a tank. The thing has a decent Pen and dpm but armor just sucks, the whole thing is one giant soft spot especially with the useless turret sticking out. Use it as a TD, let your friends scout ahead and of you while you lurk in some cover or stick your right side( gun side) from behind cover and pick of targets, the accuracy is great on this gun. In Higher tier games your generally doomed, but staying behind heavies and applying the same TD tactic can let you survive, doing so in lower tier games where you are on top can make you a monster eating rambos and shredding through the slow heavies that appear in those matches. I top gunned on several occasions in this chunk of metal with a maximum of 8 kills, I actually had fun playing this thing but it takes patience ussualy not seen in low tiers. tl;dr: use your speed and excellent gun for TD tactics or occasional flanking when enemy  is elsewhere occupied

Great guide anyway

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Valdr_Skeggjoar #2 Posted Aug 04 2012 - 11:24


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Echo, I am proud to say, I have read and learned a few things, and set straight on a couple others, by this wonderful guide u have painstakingly authored for us here!!! :Smile_great:
   Most definatly a +1!! :Smile_smile: Personally I think, with this effert u should get + 10's!!  A model for all!!


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