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Ramesis #101 Posted Nov 05 2017 - 20:53


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I can't even get to the login screen!

Reloaded game client and still no good!!

I recently upgraded Windows 10... any advice?


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jjt_2016 #102 Posted Dec 29 2017 - 14:15


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My advent calendar has shown 12/24 since 12/24.  no new Advent dates show, the snowflakes are there, just no new deals.  

Bootknife #103 Posted Dec 29 2017 - 14:48

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When someone at WG tries to do something positive, like a proactive problem solving post, why not just take it and say "Thanks!".


There are things about the game I really don't like, but (verbally) beating someone who offers help in a positive way doesn't get anyone anywhere.

Tocino44 #104 Posted Jan 15 2018 - 16:05


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please can you send me again the Christmas event that did not choose level 10 of the prize please wagamig


por favor me puede mandar otra vez el evento de navidad que no escoji el nivel 10 del  el premio por favor wagamig

SKIV1970 #105 Posted Feb 05 2018 - 00:35


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WHAT ABOUT THE MONEY I spent on premium and gold when I Can not play. I've rebooted and still no luck. I'm a novice to computer when comes to sending stuff to support or adding things to program. so please give me some help here. 5yrs playing this is the worst.

Awesomeman92 #106 Posted Mar 25 2018 - 00:20


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Plz Help! My game is recommended to low settings even though before 1.0 its was on Medium. Now, on medium, its goes to the battle loading screen, loads till I die, then the game crashes. Do I need a Performance Boost or should I just deal with it?

GrummbleBum #107 Posted Mar 31 2018 - 13:22


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WTH? Come on WG, the micro patch has broken the login. Cant even log in, Oh wait, eventually I did, only to have the server interruption notification.

No mods, Totally vanilla, and a littel micro patch breaks the game.

So when can I expect this to be rectified, so I may continue using my PREMIUM TIME, I PAID FOR!!!


As a paying customer, I expect any business to act in a timely manner to repair this monumental &*^$ up, and then, as an act of good faith, re-emberse myself and thousands of others the credit due for your stuff up.

MackBoerBoel #108 Posted Apr 29 2018 - 00:34


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I have been trying to get this account deleted for some time now. This game is set against the customer and for the homosexual snowflake liberals who start crapin chat then report those who respond and not for the paying customer who come here to support the game and play it. This game sucks [edited]and I will no longer be associated with any of war gaming games what so ever. 5 strikes and chat srtikes count against you, what bull crap! and really there should be no stikes available since chat can be controlled and left alone and as far as same team killing, that can also just not be allowed by the game programing, how [edited]stupid, you stupid idiots have lost me as a customer for life !!! please hurry and delete my account thank you !


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