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E25 needs a nerf

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GeorgePreddy #41 Posted Jul 17 2016 - 18:03


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E-25 is the correct size now, according to best historical documents and WG has already stated that it will not be nerfed to a larger size just to appease haters. The E-25 is not overperforming statistically.

landedkiller #42 Posted Jul 27 2016 - 22:07


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I like killing those suckers with an he shell from my kv2

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SpankTank45 #43 Posted Aug 29 2016 - 19:27


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View PostSynergy3k, on Jan 29 2015 - 22:26, said:

it doesnt need a nerf


This ^

Buff your play skill instead.


Finnegan_Gromyko #44 Posted Aug 29 2016 - 20:34

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It's a fantastic tank, arguably the best at Tier 7 ... but that doesn't mean it should be nerfed. WoT will not and should not nerf tanks that people pay real money for. Second, SOMETHING is always going to be the top tank at tier. You could also say the T29 should be nerfed for example, or the Cromwell at Tier 6, etc.


I wish I had an E25, but I don't, so instead I learn to play against them, and I've killed plenty even though I've running up against them in Tier 6 tanks and occasionally in my 122-44. 


Tougher tanks are just a greater challenge, that's all. There are lots of other tanks throughout the game that are also 'OP', meaning they are best at tier, but nerfing them just means some other tank will be top dog. 


The only reason I tune in to discussions about which tanks are OP is to help figure out which tanks I should buy or grind!

Preddy_ #45 Posted Aug 30 2016 - 01:36


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View PostFinnegan_Gromyko, on Aug 29 2016 - 16:34, said:


The only reason I tune in to discussions about which tanks are OP is to help figure out which tanks I should buy or grind!


Damage_inc_Xi #46 Posted Feb 03 2017 - 01:59


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the most op tank ever that when teamed up wipes out opposing  teams.they scout and cant bee seen.invisibly pick off your team then wait for the last remaining victims to swoop in and either ram heavys a wthmoment when spectated   or rapid fire the rest .its just  fkn stupid already.pls nerf it...can we start a petition??

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Marcus_Helius #47 Posted Feb 16 2017 - 03:22


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Nerf the **** E 25 WG


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101MeatShield #48 Posted Aug 24 2017 - 03:21

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NOOOO!!!!! it is not OP, that is why you see platoons of them in every match like the type64, M4, and all these other "clubber" tanks....


Game chat is far more honest than this crappy forum, as soon as their is a platoon on the other team someone calls it out for a reason... 


I do not care what tank you are shooting at, when that e25 is spotted everyone that can will shoot at it!


The aggro directed at the E25 is proof enough it is too OP!


You are not going to get an honest response from this toxic community.....

Firemoth #49 Posted Aug 24 2017 - 03:44


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please, let this thread die.

LeaveIT2Beaver #50 Posted Aug 24 2017 - 03:49


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Zaikadi #51 Posted Sep 01 2017 - 20:01

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View PostArchaic_One, on Feb 13 2015 - 19:10, said:

OK, Pavel ive got an idea for a stronk tank to throw those silly Germans a bone.
**takes a toke
Ok, this tank will be the size and speed of an ELC, but have 800 HP. It will have a 200 alpha machine gun, and a cloaking device. Of course, its a fairy tale tank but people would buy it. Can you imagine a tank only 4ft tall with 360 ft view range, ha!
**takes another toke
Yuri, you're hilarious when you're stoned, we should tell Serb, he'd want to sell it for gold.




Raindrops #52 Posted Sep 03 2017 - 04:15


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View PostCaptianSparkIez, on Jan 30 2015 - 04:29, said:

They removed it. What else do you want?

...to stop releasing it in holiday sales and mission rewards..?



Yeah, nothing causes much more rage in me than an E25. Sure, they're a "high-skill" tank, but they cater to all the mist frustrating parts of the game: Invisible perma-tracking ricochet printers.


In all honesty, E25 discussion reminds me a whole lot of T18 discussions, (Primary defense: GIT GUD) and in the end WG finally got rid of that issue. Too bad they promised not to keep nerfing premiums...

MAJOR_P #53 Posted Sep 05 2017 - 13:36


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I don't know if you can say the E-25 is OP, it's about as OP as the Cromwell B when it's top tier IMO, it can be really frustrating at the beginning of a game when they race to key spots, become invisible and start shooting you, of course a good scout will see the E-25 on the red team and know where those 'key spots' are.  If anything, WG could buff it and bump it up a tier.




Historically, did it really have a 700 HP engine?  it has a bigger engine that all the other fast TD's that I know of.

shaolinsarge #54 Posted Sep 05 2017 - 15:05

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no :trollface:
he haven't armor so...
blaming cry ...
E25 bullied detected :)

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