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Map Clicking Bug?

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Tykune #1 Posted Jun 07 2011 - 19:04


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It seems random at times, but has anyone noticed how they cant click some spots on the map to signal where enemies are heading?

Avocet #2 Posted Jun 07 2011 - 19:26


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There are a couple of threads about that around here somewhere. Others have noticed it, but it's not universal. I've experienced it (it's always been the top two or three rows of the minimap), and I've found that it only happens on my laptop, which is widescreen and is short vertically. When I play on a second monitor, which is bigger, I don't have trouble. Perhaps the issue is with the small vertical size of our screens?

Ironmonger69 #3 Posted Jun 07 2011 - 21:16


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I've had this happen too, and just assumed it was abad click, directly on a border or something.  I have a widescreen monitor also, FWIW.

I have one or two other rare, minor interface issues, where I can't click out to use the comm channel, or send alerts.  Hitting escape and going right back usually fixes it.

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