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Skill MM for tournaments now?

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urnotpaul #21 Posted Feb 19 2015 - 17:33


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View PostTheaty, on Feb 19 2015 - 00:51, said:


I guess that seems about right then oh well...anyways i asked about why they are doing this crapand apparently its to provide less gold farming opportunities as well...awesome...as if its gold farming. 


so when good players win its "farming" and when bad  not so great players win 5k its a well fought hard earned win. wth is this

Zeit_ist_Geld #22 Posted Feb 19 2015 - 20:16


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It's at times like these I stop and ask myself: What would Oprah do?


Also just for the OP


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Mortals #23 Posted Feb 20 2015 - 20:38


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Am I understanding this correctly?


"Congrats on being top 16!  Well, 16th to be exact.  You did a great job.  Here's 250 gold."

"17th place!  Wow.  That is astounding.  Here is 5,000 gold."


"Top 32.  Right there at 32.  Good work.  250 gold."

"33rd place.  You are incredible.  Here is 5,000 gold."

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_TeMPezT_ #24 Posted Feb 21 2015 - 08:49


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This is way for Wargaming to introduce Socialism in our country,


You do less work and you get the same pay as those who did more work and are highly skilled. 


So basically they introduced a system where it can be rigged.


It took 32/63 Points to get into top 50%. You can place yourself in the lower bracket to earn 5k gold in the tourney beating nothing but red teams.


Same result as getting into top 10% and losing first 2 battles in the tourney. Better result as getting into the top 20% 2500 gold + 250 gold from the tourney. 


94EXPOS #25 Posted Feb 24 2015 - 03:34


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Only the players that are used to making 10K gold per week guaranteed will be the ones whining about this. PERFECT SOLUTION would be random groups Mon-Wed and then for Alpha playoffs then and only then group the teams based on point percentage. That way all teams would have a chance in Alpha as opposed to never having a chance at getting to Sunday playoffs because there is always 2-3  top teams in the way. Also this way teams have 3 days of random groupings to get seeded for the Alpha playoffs.  

A_FIELD_MARSHAL #26 Posted Feb 25 2015 - 04:49


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This whole system instead of encouraging competition, teams are now throwing games to be placed in a not so crowded group next day. Im not sure that is what WG wants. 

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ProSolo #27 Posted Feb 25 2015 - 08:11


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No feedback from WG yet?

TastyPastry #28 Posted Mar 12 2015 - 00:20


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lol WG doesn't care about player input.

_Nordic #29 Posted Mar 12 2015 - 03:39


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This system is trash.


Way to make the game all about the crap players and weekend warriors, and punishing the players who are actually dedicated to playing your game.


All i can say is I'm done with this game as soon as Armored Warfare comes out.


Way to just flip the bird to your players WG, way to go......



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Tete_pas_de_Poule #30 Posted Mar 18 2015 - 00:18


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Random !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

porouscloud #31 Posted Mar 18 2015 - 04:39


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If it was skill based, the group you end up in should have one 7/0 or 6/1 team, 5 teams with a mixture of 2-5 wins, and then one team with 0 or 1 win. Repeat for 3rd day, but I would consider seeding every team which is 100% out of the running for gold into groups against each other so they can at least get some even matches.


The current format is only good if you want people to have fun because they're almost guaranteed to win some games on the 2nd and especially the 3rd day. It is absolute garbage for finding out which teams are the best because you don't update opponents after each game, only after each day. If you updated opponents after each game(swiss matchmaking) it would be fine.


If you want the rewards to match the skill, this will do it better than random seeding. The middle slots will be very competitive, the top teams get their gold pinata and the bottom teams at get a 3rd day to play against teams that won't curb stomp them.

cadyjr #32 Posted Mar 18 2015 - 22:39


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This new system is bad.


We are a medium team with in average 1900 recent wn8.


Because we win all the game the first day vs poor team and AFK team (3 teams), the second day we fight vs Unicorn, 2400-3000+ recent wn8.


We are out of our range because we fight bad team in the first day. That's ridiculus !


Random selection is fair for all players. The change is the same for all team to fight unicorn team.


It's possible to beat great team, not 6 in row ....


WG need to back to old rule.

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John_Big_Bootay #33 Posted Mar 19 2015 - 20:26

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View Post2127Faerthereaper, on Feb 18 2015 - 21:17, said:

I looked at the victory conditions for skirmishes 7 and 8 and now they use skill based mm to decide brackets and group stages.

So wg is allowing bad players to play only bad players in tournaments, effectively cutting out good players from the gold they could earn because they only fought other good teams instead of fighting RANDOM TEAMS. This is effectively not allowing us to have fair matches anymore because they are setup to make players ONLY FIGHT PEOPLE OF THE SAME SKILL.

Yes you can argue that if you are good then you should still win, however why do i only have to fight teams that win a lot when others in "not as good teams"  face teams that only lose a lot? Please fix this and make it random.

Comments on the issue?



You have got to be KIDDING ME....


You guys are terrible.  Just re-read what you just posted, and imagine what this is really saying?  "You want Tomatoes to play against to get easy Gold... and you don't want them to get any Gold?"  LOL  :sceptic:   This is simply Pathetic....


You guys have a strange concept of what you think RANDOM is   :D      OMG....   Talk about a terrible one sided view.   Can't anyone else that is MATURE enough see this?  Heck you guys make the argument all the time that "Bad Players or not so good Players @ the start of the battle when XVM stats are % are displayed say for ex: 20% chance to win, that they should NOT CRY, and should be able to win that battle, and Carry Harder, its all Random....     But now look,, what you're saying, " Your crying that YOU WANT THE BADDIES, YOU NEED THE POTATOES, so you can get your Gold off of them....


The Irony of this is Just INCREDIBLE....  :amazed:

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Clamspunj #34 Posted Jun 22 2015 - 06:44


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Can't they just take all the teams that entered the tournament and arrange them into 3 or 4 groups of average team skill levels?  Use whatever player stat you want to determine this.


Group 1 being the lowest level teams, only play each other in the tournament for a lesser gold payout.  Say 500 / 250 / 100

Up to Group 4, being the high level teams, can play each other for a larger gold payout.


Would this not be a more fair system for everyone or is there some flaw in this kind of thinking?

mathbum #35 Posted Feb 27 2017 - 08:01


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i don't mind skilled base mm in tournaments and I do play alot of tournaments. However skilled based for skirmishes drives me crazy. I just don't care about winning anymore, I want to intentionally throw games, legionnaire for bad clans, or just not play it anymore. Which really sucks because SH was one of my favorite parts of tanks. 

GeorgePreddy #36 Posted Feb 27 2017 - 14:40


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Whatever WG does with tourneys, people who don't win as much as they want will whine about it.

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