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Penetration,but No Joy

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Kadarth #1 Posted Jun 12 2011 - 10:12


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Game one:I was playing with me T34 tier nine with my 120mm at himilsdorf when a tiger 2 and myself climbed the hill where we encountered a tiger 2 and a Is-4.We killed the tiger 2 and brought the Is-4 down to 76% before my team mate died.From there I brought the Is-4 to 8% and then it happened.I shot him twice in the face and both rounds penetrated,but no damage.As he turned around I shot him two more times and again penetrated the back of his tank,but again no damage!Game two:I was fighting a KV-Is and ISU-152 at Ensik head on and the Kv had its side face toward me.I shot the Kv-Is four times and the ISU-152 two times before they poned me.Three times out of the four I hit and penetrated ,but did no damage.Both times I shot the ISU penetrated,but again no damage!Game three:I shot a maus three times,two penetration shots,one bounced,and guess what?No damage!!Now I don't know if this is a bug or I just had Really REALLY bad luck,but I would like someone to explain how that happens and if someone can fix this bug.thanks.

Zakume #2 Posted Jun 12 2011 - 11:27


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Maybe you are getting criticals, or killing their crew which both dont necessarily cause hp damage.

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