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any way to transfer acount from NA to EU

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XVMcamo #1 Posted Mar 25 2015 - 12:03


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when i started game i was not much familiar with it and i downloaded from NA server but later i come to know that my mostly country mates playing from EU at good pings.i m playing since start at 300 to 450 pings. is there any method that i can transfer my this account to EU.

nkobile #2 Posted Mar 25 2015 - 12:06

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Simply put: no.

Stryker3 #3 Posted Mar 25 2015 - 12:34


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In the past there were special events that let you transfer accounts over.  I can not seem to remember any in the more recent past.  You could send in a  request to support and see what happens.

You have nothing to lose.

nxp #4 Posted Mar 25 2015 - 12:53


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Nope. Then everyone would go on the Chinese server and buy all the tanks that's rare and switch to their own server. That's not what WG want and so no.

Treacherous_Neighbour #5 Posted Mar 25 2015 - 12:57


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They cant.


NA server  is half NA and half rest of world.


If they allowed a migration this server would be a wasteland.

Zythalin #6 Posted Mar 25 2015 - 13:34


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I've been asking this for ages, hence my signature:


< Ceterum censeo... Transfer to EU should be possible. >


WG was thinking of implementing server roaming... A long, long time ago.


They have on accasion allowed people to move from different servers, so they have the technology available.



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xXx_Kolobanov_xXx #7 Posted Mar 25 2015 - 13:35


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Simply put no although I can tell you maybe in the future server roaming would be available but I think for a long time probably not because maybe it would mess with mm who knows but they aren't releasing it for now.

dextatik99 #8 Posted May 13 2015 - 00:14


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I have other acount in other server and I would like to know if the things can be transfer to my new acount in the USA server



chewienl #9 Posted Jun 17 2015 - 21:17


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im on eu server and got an invite code to world of warships NA and he assured me no problem. so i logged in to world of warships na website with my unified account and applied the code, no problem yet.




only to find today that the world of warships code somehow changed my region to NA making it impossible to log back in to european region and thus gone 30+ tanks and equal garage slots.



so in a way it is possible to switch regions only not how it should be.


bit stupid that it locked my account to na now even though warships is a whole different game and nowhere it was said this could happen to your account..


awaiting my sent ticket about this matter....with patience :)





i double checked again on the gamepc and i can log in fine on all region websites all in a sudden, have my own european account on world of tanks still and also the beta on world of warships, so either my gaming laptop was trying to scare me or something else is fixed, i can play how i want now. one account in 2 regions ^^ tanks in europe and ships in usa, gj wargaming.

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