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Panther hitboxes drasticly blown out of propotion

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View PostTrackedCanOpener, on Jun 19 2011 - 06:25, said:

Exactly. Check out this hit that caused an engine fire. Note what critical component wasn't damaged--even though it's actually located where the hit took place.. <_<

Posted Image

Really? :angry:

Speaking of fires, I shot an enemy Panther with the 107 on my KV-3 on El Halluf in a game a while ago, only his front end was peeking out... It was an engine hit, even upper hull, it was an engine hit. It was a freak shot at 400+ meters, probably near (but not quite) 700m (or whatever the maximum viewing range is, someone else spotted him for me). I fired a shot at near maximum range, got lucky enough to hit what little bit of his upper hull/turret that was showing, and I got an engine hit. And it set him on fire. I actually apologized to him after that, because it was so BS'ey.

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