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Open League Team looking for New Tankers

Open Cup

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Guest_MeodreadKV_* #1 Posted Apr 07 2015 - 16:46

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Hello all,


I'm MeodreadKV, captain of the team formerly known as the Michael Westen Overdrive.


A little about us:

We are made up of members of the R0YAL and BAR0N clans.  Last season was our first season as a team but a number of us have experience from past Open League and Bronze seasons.  After a rocky start we made it to 8th in the overall standings and had a close series with Bad_At_Tonks in the opening round of the playoffs(congrats to them on taking the crown).


In the off season we had a few people step down do to real life issues and also to help R0YAL form a third team for this upcoming season.  This has left us with a few empty spots to fill and we are extending our gaze beyond our clan to distant battlefields. 


We practice on Monday and Friday nights at 9 PM Eastern till about 11 in team battles and will have 2 practices a week during the season scrimmaging against the other 2 teams from R0YAL/BAR0N, 1 being The SDD another playoff team from last season and our new team.


About the Players we want:

No elaborate requirements really, simply have a good attitude and be looking for a team environment.  We emphasize accountability in our practices, the theory being if we don't acknowledge mistakes we are doomed to repeat them.  


A useful tank selection would be ideal.  Some commonly used tanks include the IS-3, AMX 50 100, T32, M26 Pershing, AMX 13 90 and Ru 251 along with more specialized tanks.


If you are in the market for a league team don't hesitate to contact myself or team HR representative Gigantus for further details and times or post here.


Blaze_terror #2 Posted Apr 13 2015 - 15:31


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Good luck to you guys 

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