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[0.9.6] Hunter's Premium-Camouflage ModPack

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Hunter_02 #1 Posted Today, 03:41 AM


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Welcome, fellow tankers!


This is my new Premium-Camouflage Mod! It contains several features:


- New premium-camouflage schemes for almost every nation (except Japanese and Chinese)

- color changes to the original camos so they look more natural

- Finally a proper Bundeswehr Camouflage-style for Germany


So far I lack Camos for Japanese and Chinese tanks, they will come in near future. I will regularly update this ModPack from now on.


Please note that there are no changes made to the Premium Camouflage Bonus (5%), so this mod is entirely visual.


Some screenshots!







Great Britain






US of A









Soviet Union




In case you are wondering, this "©passi_96"-thing in the corner of some images is just my EU-Server alias. I originally released this mod for the german forums.


Installation notes!


Easy enough if you've done it before, nothing special. For those who've never done it before:


Step 0: Make a backup of your entire res_mods folder. In case you don't like my camos you can easily put the game back to normal.

Step 1: Locate your WoT main directory (where you installed World of Tanks).

Step 2: Go into "Main Mod", drag & drop the "res_mods"-folder to the main directory.

Step 3: You have now installed the Camo ModPack. Congrats, that's how you usually do it with the other mods as well.


Some various things


First of all: I'm german, so...sorry for my bad english.


Also, if you have any complaints or problems just PM me, and we'll find a solution together!

If you have a suggestion (I really appreciate that by the way), please post it in the thread so everyone can see it. You can also PM me of course.







Good hunting!



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DangYankee #2 Posted Today, 04:21 AM


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Thanks for taking the time to make this and for sharing this with google doc's!

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Hunter_02 #3 Posted Today, 04:57 AM


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I just got online and saw that I haven't even added the DL link in this thread. For now, consider me an idiot. A sleepy one.


EDIT: Link is up, and thanks for appreciating the work :) Got some new stuff coming for the 9.7 update, pics later.

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