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M7 hopeless, slow with a pea shooter

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2_minutes_hate #21 Posted Jun 20 2011 - 15:26


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Glad this topic came up I am about upgrade to a M7. I have to say I didnt like the M5 w/ howie at first, now even though I am the lowest tank in most battles I can do Ok. Even if I dont get a kill. I contribute by getting critical hits on side and rear of tanks then the mids/heavy's do the rest. If I time things right i can hit like 3 med/heavy's before I get blown up. Point being I could bitch about match maker or contribute. If the M7 gives me the same oppertunity I can live with it.

Dominatus #22 Posted Jun 20 2011 - 15:31


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Remember that EXP and credits are calculated based on damage rather than kills. If you just finished em off, then you'll get less than if you do 75% to each tank and somebody else kills them. Also, winning gives you more.

Really, the only issue with the M7 is that its 6pdr can't load HE, which means that I can't go blowing up the guns on higher tier tanks like I usually do (once cripled a KV-3 in a Hetzer because I blew its gun off).

Evilreaper #23 Posted Jun 20 2011 - 15:39


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M7 fully upgraded and with over 75% full staff and 6 pounder is deadly.

First common mistake is not saving up enough credits to buy any new tank with at least the 75% crew. Second most stock tanks are at best ok, some horrible some not to shabby.

Best game with M7 I can remember think I had 9 kills so by no means is that tank crappy just get upgrades and better crew. I played it so much my 75% crew is 100% now and training.

w4golf #24 Posted Jun 20 2011 - 16:00


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View PostNakiami, on Jun 18 2011 - 15:21, said:

Giving up already?  How lame.

Most tanks suck when stock.  I predict you'll be at tier 3/4 for a week then prematurely give up in disgust.

Agreed on most tanks being bad when stock.  There's been very few that I really enjoyed fresh out of the box.  Many that I thought, "This hunka immobile, light hitting, always getting punctured right through the turret piece of trash!"..... Then upgrade a few of those things and you discover a really nice, or at least acceptable vehicle is underneath.

Frizzled07 #25 Posted Jun 21 2011 - 17:27

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I love playing my M7.  It's great for flanking and killing arty or doing a ninja cap around a team full of heavies.  Or like the picture below shows(5x day first win), it is great against heavies out in open country one on one.


sampak #26 Posted Jun 21 2011 - 17:52


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I got 5 kills in one match over the weekend, going vs KVs and T1/M6s if I recall as part of the line up. One of the heavy drivers on my team commented to the effect of 'I've never seen an M7 get that many kills.' Funny thing is I've gotten 4-5 kills with my M7 a handful of times before too (when I'm not playing like a dufus or in a badly matched game). Needless to say I greatly helped win that round - not only taking out mediums and arty/TD along my way flanking to the enemy base, but initiating the cap while my team mates (without whom I'd probably get destroyed halfway capping) caught up and helped finish the match up for us.

Being a weaker medium tank, the 6-lber gun is a good way to put shells and psychological fear into the hearts of other better equipped enemies due to the constant stream of firepower you can put into them within a short about of time (~2 second reloads really make that much of a difference!). Why? Because I've been on the receiving end of a pesky M7 while in my E8 or other tanks, and what can seem like forever reloading at 2-3.5 seconds, on the receiving end that seems like a machinegun!

I use these modules which seem to work well - Rammer - Improved Vents - Repair kit.

I too hated my M7 initially after reading the hype, and also the Easy 8 very much so. But upon sticking to the tanks and improving my own tactics, fully upgrading parts, and getting the crews closer to 100% it made all the difference. No stock tank is going to shine without at least a 100% crew, and then parts.

Dirtyherby #27 Posted Jun 21 2011 - 18:10


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View Posttankershuffles, on Jun 18 2011 - 03:50, said:

M5 Stuart with 75 mm gun and fully equipped was terrific fun and fast and lethal
Now hopeless M7 with basic setup slow with a pop gun.
Unable to get experience inspite of hitting things.
Makes fun game a bore until I finally update it if ever.
Similar to having to deal with M3 Lee. Hopeless.
Expanding credits with these two M3 Lee and M7 a Pain. Not fun.
You will find that as you go into the higher tiers EVERY stock tank will be useless until upgrades.  I have the M7 with all the upgrades, the 6pd gun and 100% crew.  The tank is a beast I've killed everything under the sun up to and including KV's and Tigers.  Some people have even stated they've killed IS-4's but I have not seen it so, to me, that is just here say.  I can say without a doubt that I have probably pissed off many a KV & Tiger player with my little M7.  The Lee on the other hand is a pain in the arse and I agree with you there, that's why I converted crap loads of XP to free XP so I could blow through the Lee, the T1 and the M6.  T-29 is a blast to play.

P.S. The M7 can run circles around the Stuart, just as fast and more manueverable then the Stuart.  Not too mention I make mad money with it even on games where I have lost.

avandelay #28 Posted Jun 21 2011 - 18:14


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I agree the M7 is a tough play at first. I went 1-9 in my first 10 games with it. It really felt bad, then I upgraded the engine and got the 6 pdr gun. Huge difference. A keeper now. Got the vents and having a great time with it now.

Baraccas #29 Posted Jun 21 2011 - 21:26


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I had trouble with that tank as well, not having fun running it either.  Instead of adjusting my play style to the tank, I chose a tank closer to my play style.  Sorry USofA.

Hotwired #30 Posted Jun 22 2011 - 01:12


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Breaking news!

Stock Tank Sucks!

Ok so you need to play dozens of battles to get it pimped out, the game is entirely about grinding crap tanks into good tanks.

The M7 is what you drive if you like to molest, abuse and harass helpless enemy tanks.

You know you want to...

Dunno what that sound was, it plays every time I run the M7.

_Inadequate #31 Posted Jul 06 2011 - 23:37

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ive used m7 3/4 matilda e8 t20 t1 cunny vk 3001 (P) ms1 lollytracktor m37 su-85b su-85 and several others the best tank for its tier bye far ive ever used is the m7 case close go back to your OP'd russian medium tree your just a noob

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