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I had the idea of playing nothing but teir 9-10 for awhile. Low tier game play is just too garbage these days. However it turns out so is up tier. Had a tier 8-10 match in my Obj 277 on El Halluff last night. 9 tanks on my side when over to the hill. I have not see that sort of play on that map since I was playing teir 4-5 the 1st time I played those tiers.


Their tds on the hill had a  field day killing my team off quickly. Of course as soon as that was done they realized they had the numbers and just swarmed us at the brawl corner. High point of that match was their Teir 5 heavy managed to tip himself over on the rocks at brawl corner. I amused myself alternating between shooting him in the flat top of his turret and shooting the IS-3 that was trying his hardest to push the Type 5 so he could use his gun while on his side.


Felt bad for the IS-3 after losing 4/5s his HP to get the Type 5s gun pointed at me the Type 5 player apparently did not understand he could still shoot while laying on his side! After I killed him just went up and finished the the IS-3. At that point the 9 of the 11 remaining players on their team just dog piled me and the Standard B who was with me.


Got to get the lol where I can since I not getting them from my game play.

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