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How to draw an M46 Patton!

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Medessec #1 Posted May 16 2015 - 03:19


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Requested by Niemetz, is the M46 Patton. I decided with this tank I'd take a more historical approach(but I totally poofed that in the end), and go with the stock turret as it is seen in WoT, and not the M47 turret. Other than that, it's pretty much all how you see it in the game. If there's anything important missing... I'd like to let you know ahead of time- I spent 8 straight hours today working on 3 different Finals assignments, it's all done... but my brain is pretty much stir-fried.

Tha hull. I thought the FOV didn't need perspective lines... but I really needed perspective lines. It's all scribbly because of this- I'd end up mostly just leaving the contours vague like that so it wouldn't disturb my vision of the tank as I detailed it.

Added some hull details and guides for the road wheels.

Added more definition to the running gear. Kinda same old, but the depth lines for the wheels was kind of annoying, sometimes I'd go too high or too low in the angle.

Getting the hull out of the way so I can get going with the turret. Didn't really put a lot of effort into the suspension, but you don't see them much anyways on this tank... was more worried about how the front of the hull came out and it seemed to come out okay. FOV was good, perspective was good. Because there's such weird contours and details on the front of the hull, it's hard to match it all up right. With stuff like this, you usually want to use lines to guide where you're drawing certain edges of the hull.

The turret wasn't even remotely easy. I thought for sure the stock turret was going to be easier than the M47 turret, but the big mantlet and the little curves of the turret core coming out and around was really hard to match via the reference. The spare track links hanging on the side is a good reference to work off of- I had to use that and whatever flat surfaces the turret had to get around the whole shape of it.

After finishing the turret, I added a few details and shading to the running gear.

Here's the gun finished- yes, this is the top gun 105mm. It was really hard to match the FOV, I had to do the muzzle break about... 5 times? Anyways... I did want it to look that dynamic and insane in the end- although I don't think it's accurate with the actual FOV, I think it looks cool.


And here's the final image. For my own little customizations, I thought I'd make it a German-captured M46 Patton. Now, YES, I KNOW, the M46 Patton was a Cold War tank and wasn't anywhere near historically seeing action in WWII. But I've always been fascinated with the prospect of the WWII conflict progressing far longer than it actually did. Of course I have no childish curiosity or gleeful speculation delving into the notion, but fiction and speculation... it's always interesting to use your imagination. And this would be an example. As you can see, the Patton has the Bar Cross on it, and an MG42 where the 50 cal would normally be mounted(although I normally am too lazy to put the machine gun on my tank drawings :P ) I've also written some interesting decals on it, and removed the track guards, leaving the tracks completely exposed Churchill I style.


Link to le album: http://imgur.com/a/Q4wWC


Hope you guys enjoyed. I'm going to rest my brain for a bit before doing another one... but I'm hoping to do either the Hellcat or the E25 next. Of course, other requests will be considered. Also- blackfalconjc has started a topic on Friday Fan Art, if any of you want to get into that!


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HeavenzFall #2 Posted May 16 2015 - 03:22


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e-100 and 50b plz...i always have problems drawing their turrets

CelloPlayer16 #3 Posted May 16 2015 - 03:49

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could you do a T37 or a M41 Walker Bulldog?

Copperhead550 #4 Posted May 16 2015 - 03:49


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How about the Cromwell?

General_Walton_H_Walker #5 Posted May 16 2015 - 04:00


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Doesnt have to be captured,  we gave the germans m46s (or was it m47s?)

Urdr #6 Posted May 16 2015 - 04:08


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But the patton is an american tank >3<

Lies_and_Slander #7 Posted May 16 2015 - 04:58

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I really wish WG did that fan art for gold thing still you deserve it Medessec

I would love to see How to draw the Maus or How to draw the Obj 430 Version II

BINGOBANGLEDANGLE #8 Posted May 16 2015 - 07:32


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View PostUrdr, on May 15 2015 - 22:08, said:

But the patton is an american tank >3<


The Germans used Pattons post war....

Skramjet #9 Posted May 17 2015 - 17:19


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View PostBINGOBANGLEDANGLE, on May 16 2015 - 02:32, said:


The Germans used Pattons post war....


As seen in the movie "Patton"

Laughed so much when all the m48s were Germany and Walker bulldogs were US

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the_fast_and_curious #10 Posted Nov 03 2015 - 13:53


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eh, i love all ur drawings dude

naniface303 #11 Posted Jul 02 2020 - 19:45


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