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How to draw an E-100!

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Medessec #1 Posted May 18 2015 - 05:52


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Requested by HeavenzFall, and really... I'm pretty certain a number of you have wanted to see me draw this too, is the Panzerkampfwagen E-100. This tank theoretically shouldn't take much effort to draw, just the curvy skirts would be the biggest problem, and maybe the tracks as well. Regardless, I decided to go for a bloated, bigger FOV than normal, to make the tank look ominous and more monstrous.

Started off with the perspective guidelines. I wanted the tank to look accurate to how you would see it in the game, so the dots are measured with the points corresponding to the parts on the image of the tank in the game. From there I drew lines to define the perspective.

Here, I created the basic shape of the tank for me to work off of. The upper and lower plate, and because I had already drawn guidelines for the turret, I went ahead and did the turret as well. This is mostly because of the angle and FOV I chose, if it were closer to my other drawings, I probably would have done the turret separately as usual.

This took awhile. Matching and lining up the road wheels according to the reference. I only did the outer road wheels to keep it simple, and also because... really, in the end, you won't see the inner road wheels.

Here's where the appearance really starts taking shape. I actually get around to doing the contour of the side skirt to the angled front of the hull, and I draw the shape of the tow hook mounts so I don't have to do them later. I also go ahead and draw a basic 3D shape of the tracks, from there I will draw the actual tracks in detail.

Here's the tracks detailed and the running gear done, with the first inner road wheel making it's very pokey and small appearance. I added the hooks and also the periscopic sights for the gun on the turret.

Here I draw the mantlet out, and get started on the basic shape of the gun. From the massive barrel, I bet you can already guess which of the two guns I'm using.

NOW- the muzzle break, took... awhile. Making it look just right and scaling it correctly, and then filling in all the dots correctly with the shape, and making them look hollow. Took me way too long. But that's the gun finished! And that's the basic final image of the tank!



For the final image, I decided to remove the side skirts and expose more of the tracks, which meant redrawing quite a bit... but it turned out pretty good. And after shading it and littering it with my insignia and decals, I'd say it turned out quite nice. I'm mostly proud of how the tracks turned out in the drawing... I know it's not 100% accurate to how they look in the game, but it definitely suits the E100.


Link to the album: http://imgur.com/a/yeawm


Hope you E100 fans enjoy! I understand this may be a tougher FOV to draw from, so if some of you want me to do an Ortho or a simpler angle on the E100, I'd probably be able to slide that in later down the road. Let me know.

TanklessMouse5 #2 Posted May 18 2015 - 05:59


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More amazing drawings!

HeavenzFall #3 Posted May 18 2015 - 06:01


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Omg :D:D sexy german box tank. Thx for drawing that sexy beast.....Also dont be cheap, skirts dont cost any marks in the 3rd riech.

HowlingOwl12 #4 Posted May 18 2015 - 06:04


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How tf do ppl do this sh!t

like ffs i tried to draw a mouse earlier today and got so mad i had to lie down and count to 10

sniper272 #5 Posted May 18 2015 - 06:19

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View PostHowlingOwl12, on May 18 2015 - 05:04, said:

How tf do ppl do this sh!t

like ffs i tried to draw a mouse earlier today and got so mad i had to lie down and count to 10


I feel the same when I try to draw xD. I guess its just more of a gift for some people.

cartires #6 Posted May 18 2015 - 06:40


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I can't even sign my name let alone draw! Well done!!!! Centurion 1 in cards? 

xXGROWLINGDOGXx #7 Posted May 18 2015 - 06:43

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awesome job, do you think you could do a cromwell or even better a cromwell B :) +1

SpyHawk9 #8 Posted May 18 2015 - 11:34

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wish i could do this, looks complicated ._.

zucccccccccc #9 Posted Oct 11 2015 - 23:31


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"Because skirts cost money" XD

the_fast_and_curious #10 Posted Nov 03 2015 - 02:25


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can u draw a type t 34 plz. u are awesome

Sprinternet #11 Posted Jan 09 2018 - 15:37


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Who always watches but never draws?

primalgameplay #12 Posted May 05 2019 - 02:22


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You're an epic drawer!

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