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How to draw an S-51!

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Medessec #1 Posted May 19 2015 - 04:47


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Requested by DerHeer, he specifically requested I draw it with some crewmen on the railing. I kinda wish I could draw some more than I did, but I feel like it still looks good with what ended up on there. There's not a lot of steps on this one... I kinda got too much into the drawing to save it step by step... I'll see if I can do something equally detailed like this down the road and do more steps that time.


Here, I sketched out the KV hull with the S-51 roof, and positioned it while outlining where the gun and railings would be, and then fit it all in the canvas.

While detailing the hull, I erased the guides to keep them from distracting me. Detailing the hull went by quite a bit smoother than normal, I think it's a bit easy for me now... especially at this angle.

Here I got started on the railings and the top of the hull. I decided to draw it with one of the front flap guards lowered, my intention was originally to draw a crew member seated on this, but I didn't get around to it unfortunately.

Here I drew the gun. This took the longest because I was not familiar at all about how to draw the gun mount, the recoil springs, and other mechanisms, it took quite some time to figure it all out.


The final image. I drew the guys individually on a separate canvas(completely different Photoshop file) and then imported them, positioned them, and cleaned them up to merge the image. The crewmen up front(we'll call him one of the loaders) took the longest. But I definitely appreciated the challenge. I'd say the people took nearly as long to draw as the entire tank itself, and the gun assembly alone took the longest out of any single element to draw.


Alberm: http://imgur.com/a/LBZ1q


I know a lot of you aren't very fond of the S-51 as a tank... but visually, I do find it to be quite striking, so I hope it can be appreciated that way. As per usual, if you have any requests, feel free to shout them up. I think I'll be doing the E-25 next(been meaning to do it for some time) and the 50B after that.


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The_Ghghp #2 Posted May 19 2015 - 04:50

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So the crew that you can kill without actually hitting the S-51's hitbox are real?

burnner #3 Posted May 19 2015 - 04:54


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Great job!

heavymetal1967 #4 Posted May 19 2015 - 05:01


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OP plus one for making it look easy and a nice pic.


Like your drawing threads, keep em coming. :)

HowitzerBlitzer #5 Posted May 19 2015 - 05:17


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Did you do the T95 yet?

Emmett257 #6 Posted May 19 2015 - 05:23

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View PostHowitzerBlitzer, on May 19 2015 - 04:17, said:

Did you do the T95 yet?


agreed do the T95 next

Hammaneggs #7 Posted May 19 2015 - 06:01


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I would like to see a variation of the BT tanks such as the BT-7.

HMSPancake #8 Posted May 19 2015 - 06:06


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View PostEmmett257, on May 19 2015 - 05:23, said:


agreed do the T95 next


you should say please

_NimbleNavigator_ #9 Posted May 19 2015 - 06:50


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Love the drawings! Exactly what's been missing from the WoT forums imo lol

Should definitely draw the T-54 next I think, the most produced tank in the world, so iconic, would be really fitting.

Keep it up with the awesome drawings m8 :honoring:

ChumCreature #10 Posted May 19 2015 - 14:50


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MS-1 stronk

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