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Invisible Tanks WTF

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bsacheli #1 Posted Jun 22 2011 - 00:57


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First time I play this game I start a new room. Id like to get a feel for the game. so I start a training room the fist guy to come in has a invisible tank all I can see is his tracks.
befor anyone comes in and say its my computer its NOT, my computer its a very good gaming machine.
Asus P6T Delux V2 Motherboard
12GB Ram
Radeon 4870X2

I play every other game maxed out on Graphics and do video editing

so I take it theres no defense to cheats and hackers here to bad it looked like this could be a good game

GRB_Duck #2 Posted Jun 22 2011 - 00:59


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Oh look! This thread again


Hi Welcome

nerdbomb07 #3 Posted Jun 22 2011 - 01:00

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When was the last time you updated all the drivers?

polarman #4 Posted Jun 22 2011 - 01:06


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Had this issue recently on one of my backup machines (C2d, 4GB, 9800GTX), in the end I think I played with the settigns and finally got the tanks to show, yes its very frustrating but it is an issue with the client or settings on your end, on the main rig I have everything is fine.

Zakume #5 Posted Jun 22 2011 - 06:05


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Tweak your graphics around a bit. Not everything in this game is optimized, so you might just need to untick something and voila. On the hacker note, unless they hack wargaming's servers, there can be no hackers, everything is server side.

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