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How to draw an E25!

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Medessec #1 Posted May 22 2015 - 04:18


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The last ones:

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Apologies ladies and gentlemen... I was completely renovating my room and going through my stuff, and I have a lot of stuff. Old computer parts... cables... blech. Too much. But anyways!


Requested by ninjaman217, this is the E-25 that we all know about. Recently taken off the gift shop and no longer normally obtainable, I thought I'd draw it out as it can be seen in WoT in a side angle with a bit of the front... although, the E25 is very featureless and will be mostly a cinch to draw. It'd be a great guide for those who want to give it a try.


Started with the hull's basic shape.

Added the positions of the road wheels. I kept thinking "T7 Car" while drawing this...

Me adding the track outlines and a bit of detail to the wheels. I tried adding the track slack, but I forgot there's inner-road wheels on the E25. I had to fix that after finishing the detail.

And here's the running gear fully detailed. I also added a bit of detail to the hull, and added the little mini-turret on top for the machine gunner.

Cleaned up the lines a bit and added more detail to the little turret, and got started on the gun.

Canvas resize and finished the gun and other details.


The final image. Added some shading, a nice nickname on the tank, and some wallpaper-esque slogan for you people downloading these to keep as wallpapers. This drawing was definitely one of the easier ones, but I wanted to get a head-start on the Cromwell drawing which I'm hoping I can finish for tomorrow.


Link to alberm: http://imgur.com/a/WU2zU


Hope you enjoy it, and any requests, feel free. Those of you who have requested tanks and haven't seen yours yet, DO NOT WORRY! I'm putting the requests down. I will get to the tank eventually.



TsarCidron #2 Posted May 22 2015 - 04:19


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Nice drawing of a cockroach.



not anything against the drawing.  just that tank always reminds me of a cockroach.. low, fast, nimble, hard to kill, nuisance, *mutter*

Urdr #3 Posted May 22 2015 - 04:22


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I love u!

Awesome as always



_Zesty_ #4 Posted May 22 2015 - 04:22


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STB-1! Show us dem beautiful slopes on dat sexy tank.

Nilor2000 #5 Posted May 22 2015 - 04:40

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What about the legendary T-34?

I would LOVE see those historical curves, sexy Stalinium curves... :3


Oooooooh and other 2 legendary beasts, the Tiger I (or even the KT) and the Panther with that loooooooooooooooong gun. 

Edited by Nilor2000, May 22 2015 - 04:42.

Cl0r0x_4_U #6 Posted May 22 2015 - 04:41


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tetrarch next plz :3

urabrask #7 Posted May 22 2015 - 04:45

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Could you draw the STB-1 and AMX CDC?

General_Walton_H_Walker #8 Posted May 22 2015 - 04:50


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View Postcaptainspetsnaz, on May 21 2015 - 20:41, said:

tetrarch next plz :3


This plox

SuperTankDriver #9 Posted May 22 2015 - 05:23


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y u no is-3

iBeany #10 Posted May 22 2015 - 18:18

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I'd like to see one of the Soviet TD's drawn up.

tankertoby #11 Posted Mar 25 2016 - 19:52


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Myn looks bad

homestar386 #12 Posted May 15 2016 - 22:44


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Could you do the Type 61? I'd like to see a Japanese medium done by you, and I think this one would be fun to do. Great work so far!

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