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will this work? (video card)

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Faeded #21 Posted Jun 24 2011 - 00:57


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View PostHomeles, on Jun 23 2011 - 21:31, said:

Some hardware review sites will claim anything less than 30 FPS as "unplayable." I was being generous by saying < 20. It's all based on your tolerance level. I know plenty of people that play this game at 15 FPS or below, but it'd bug the crap out of me.

The Bold says it all!!!

boybland #22 Posted Jun 24 2011 - 04:44


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View PostJodo42, on Jun 23 2011 - 20:43, said:

How do people say <20 FPS is "unplayabe"? I NEVER get above 15 FPS unless looking straight down, and even then, it's only spikes, and I'm fine with the gameplay. Admittedly, I'd like it better, but it's nowhere NEAR "unplayable". Getting 2 fp/s is unplayable for me, as I have occasionally gotten that low, and you simply can't play.

The main issue is that at less than 20 FPS is that manual aiming becomes much more difficult.
The game seems to have kind of minimum amount you can shift your aim, at 20+ FPS, moving your mouse gently will almost always give you exactly this tiny adjustment, at lower than 20 FPS what you see on the screen tends to lag behind what the mouse is doing, so you have to move, wait, move, wait.  At range where 2 of these small changes will mean your not even aiming at the enemy tank any more let alone a specific part this can make manual aiming at range very difficult, or at least much slower than when you have a higher FPS.

If you use auto aim then it is much more robust in regards to FPS, however it does limit your tactical options especially later on.

Anyway that is just my take on it based on my experiences with WoT.

I have gone from a slowish machine at about 15-20 FPS, upgrading that and getting around 30 FPS, then getting a whole new rig and getting around 70 FPS, 20 FPS really is the sweet spot at which point things like manual aim work basically as intended and you no longer have to compensate for what the computer is doing.  The actual game play difference between 30 and 70 FPS however is pretty negligible, but the game does look much nicer.   :Smile_great:

EDIT: Just for the info in case people are interested my previous video card talked about above was a 7600 GT, this gave about 20 FPS on low settings with no tweaking, although that was a couple of patches ago now.

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