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WGLNA Fantasy Tanks: Clan Prizes

wglna gold league

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veganzombiez #1 Posted Jun 17 2015 - 00:52


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The newest season of Gold League is coming up, and Wargaming is proud to introduce an official WGLNA fantasy eSports league!


Pick a team of your favorite players and win prizes, not only for yourself, but for your Clan!  Here are the prizes you can win for your Clan:


Nightly Clan Prizes

These prizes are based on your score for any given night, not cumulative score. That means that even if you're in last place on the last night, you can still win prizes for your Clan!


Clan Prizing
Rank Prize
1st 15,000 Industrial Resources
2nd 10,000 Industrial Resources
3rd 5,000 Industrial Resources
The Clan ranking is determined by the combined score of each player in a Clan on a nightly basis



End-of-Season Clan Prizes

Here are the big prizes for doing well on a very consistent basis. The top winners based on cumulative score for the whole season will get some HUGE prizes for their excellent effort.


1st: 50,000 Gold to Clan Treasury

2nd: 40,000 Gold to Clan Treasury

3rd: 30,000 Gold to Clan Treasury

4th: 25,000 Gold to Clan Treasury

5th: 20,000 Gold to Clan Treasury

6-10th: 15,000 Gold to Clan Treasury

11-15th: 10,000 Gold to Clan Treasury

16-20th: 5,000 Gold to Clan Treasury


The full list of prizing (Individual + Clan) can be found on the Fantasy WGL website!

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