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Bug preventing Operation Stug IV MT-14 Mission completion

bug MT-14 Team Play Operation Stug IV

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Eaon_McTavish #1 Posted Jun 19 2015 - 01:56


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I had started the Operation Stug IV medium tank mission MT-14 Team Play, and I destroyed 3 tanks like the mission says, but I didn't complete the mission for some reason:


You can see in the attached image that I was in a T-34, and got 3 kills, and the MT-14 Team Play mission had been started.  

I don't understand how it would not have been completed, based on the text of the mission. 


Some things that might have had something to do with the bug:

  • I was not in a platoon, but the mission says you can do it on your own.
  • I destroyed one of the tanks via ramming.



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