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Poll: IS-1/2 (869 members have cast votes)

What equipment do you use on the IS?

  1. Improved Ventilation Class 3 (436 votes [19.68%])

    Percentage of vote: 19.68%

  2. Wet Ammo Rack (20 votes [0.90%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.90%

  3. Toolbox (134 votes [6.05%])

    Percentage of vote: 6.05%

  4. Large-caliber Tank Gun Rammer (670 votes [30.23%])

    Percentage of vote: 30.23%

  5. Large Spall Liner (103 votes [4.65%])

    Percentage of vote: 4.65%

  6. Fill Tanks with CO2 (11 votes [0.50%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.50%

  7. Enchanced Torsion Bars 5+ t Class (9 votes [0.41%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.41%

  8. Enchanced Gun Laying Drive (411 votes [18.55%])

    Percentage of vote: 18.55%

  9. Cyclone Filter (8 votes [0.36%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.36%

  10. Coated Optics (64 votes [2.89%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.89%

  11. Binocular Telescope (108 votes [4.87%])

    Percentage of vote: 4.87%

  12. Camouflage Net (142 votes [6.41%])

    Percentage of vote: 6.41%

  13. None (100 votes [4.51%])

    Percentage of vote: 4.51%

What Consumables do you use on the IS?

  1. Large Repair Kit (47 votes [2.12%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.12%

  2. Large First Aid Kit (37 votes [1.67%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.67%

  3. Extra Combat Rations (8 votes [0.36%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.36%

  4. Automatic Fire Extinguishers (38 votes [1.72%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.72%

  5. Lend-Lease Oil (33 votes [1.49%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.49%

  6. Small Repair Kit (672 votes [30.35%])

    Percentage of vote: 30.35%

  7. Small First Aid Kit (618 votes [27.91%])

    Percentage of vote: 27.91%

  8. Removed Speed Governor (69 votes [3.12%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.12%

  9. Manual Fire Extinguishers (553 votes [24.98%])

    Percentage of vote: 24.98%

  10. None (139 votes [6.28%])

    Percentage of vote: 6.28%

Which gun do you use?

  1. 85mm D-5T (11 votes [1.27%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.27%

  2. 86mm D5T-85BM (6 votes [0.69%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.69%

  3. 100mm D10T (117 votes [13.46%])

    Percentage of vote: 13.46%

  4. 122mm D-2-5T (91 votes [10.47%])

    Percentage of vote: 10.47%

  5. 122mm D-25T (644 votes [74.11%])

    Percentage of vote: 74.11%

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BillBellamy #201 Posted Dec 25 2012 - 21:14

    First lieutenant

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I just got this tank.  I waited until I had the top 122 and turret/radio/suspension unlocked before putting it in service and its a blast.  I've gotten to know the quirks of the 122 guns before I ever got to the IS2 so that was a learning curve I didn't need to revisit.  I've had 122s in my SU100, Su152 and initially in the ISU152 plus the su 122-44 and KV-1s and IS6.  You just have to get to know the gun but I'm pretty accurate with the 122 so far in this tank (82% accuracy in limited games) and that makes all the difference.

I think familiarity with the 122mm gun is almost mandatory for Soviet tankers as it stays with you all the way up both HT lines to tier X (IS4 top gun is 122mm and IS7 starts that way before going 130mm)  and the T44 in the medium line uses a 122 for top gun as well.

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ixiguis #202 Posted Jan 20 2013 - 00:53


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Gosh I hope they'd change the stock gun, or at least allow to mount the D-2-5T (something like that; the one from KV-1S) on the stock turret. It's not fun AT ALL going against tier IX with 120 penetration. Hell, even against tier VII it's bad.

I still need 5k xp to change that. :(

Laurys #203 Posted Jan 27 2013 - 22:01

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View Postixiguis, on Jan 20 2013 - 00:53, said:

Gosh I hope they'd change the stock gun, or at least allow to mount the D-2-5T (something like that; the one from KV-1S) on the stock turret. It's not fun AT ALL going against tier IX with 120 penetration. Hell, even against tier VII it's bad.

I still need 5k xp to change that. :(

You can research the D10T from other tanks before you get the IS.  (I researched mine on my KV-3)
This can be done for other tanks too.  (e.g. Researching the BL-9 on the IS-3 before getting an ST-I)

Stock KV-3 was alright, albeit slow, since the 107mm from the T-150 carries over and can be used on the stock turret.

alecnin #204 Posted Jan 28 2013 - 04:14


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good FAQ, but 1 v 1 IS destroys tiger, stats are on paper, this is practical knowledge

macbrown #205 Posted Feb 04 2013 - 07:14


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Best fat medium that ever thought it was a heavy.

Seriously though, that 122 packs a hell of a wallop. I find it hard to choose between the IS and the T29 for tier 7, but for all-round awesome the IS is just hard to beat.

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vbluguitar #206 Posted Feb 05 2013 - 20:37


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View Postalecnin, on Jan 28 2013 - 04:14, said:

good FAQ, but 1 v 1 IS destroys tiger, stats are on paper, this is practical knowledge

I eat Tigers for breakfast.  The T29 is way more of a threat to the IS.  When I see a Tiger in my IS my vision turns red and I hear "KILL KILL KILL".  But seriously, the Tiger is a threat at a distance, but I am careful and use the terrain to my advantage.  Once you close in its almost always a win against any of the T7 German tanks.  The Tiger P is definitely a bit harder to scrub, but even then I rarely feel scared when I come in contact with them.  The Lowe on the otherhand, If he is good, he will eat you alive.

dageraad #207 Posted Feb 20 2013 - 03:00


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Works well as a scout too  :Smile_glasses:

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Karoneko #208 Posted Mar 21 2013 - 21:02

    First lieutenant

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I just bought this back after not playing it for at least a year. IMO, there is nothing wrong with this tank. In tier 7 and 8 battles, this thing is a beast. Just earned the Ace Tanker badge with it.


IFranchizeI #209 Posted Apr 25 2013 - 16:55


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I have a 50% w/r in this tank and I really like playing the IS.  I use vents, brother in arms, with a rammer and a camo net.  I haven't bothered purchasing my 3rd upgrade yet as I need money elsewhere.  I found with vents, and bia perk the accuracy on this tank isn't that bad and it can be used to snipe at medium range.  This tank I find shines at flanking other heavies; this is where I do my best.  Even if I'm at low health I find that if I flank a tiger I can generally come out on top because of my speed and damage.  The armor in this tank doesn't seem to bounce a lot of shots so using cover is a must with mostly the entire IS line this is true.  If you want the high armored beast take the kv if you want a flanking heavy that excels in urban environments as a support heavy/brawler this is your tank.

RavenousSix #210 Posted Jun 28 2013 - 00:20

    Staff sergeant

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View Postpanzerwagoneer, on Aug 14 2011 - 17:43, said:

The problem here is the KV-3 and the IS-3 are front line tanks where as the IS isn't. This throws people playing the Soviet Line off because they have consistently been told and proven right that Soviet tanks are brawlers and front line tanks. The IS fails in this regard because of its poor armor. This isn't any fault of its own but more a fault of tier 7 which is the first tier American and German tanks get guns that can reliably put the hurt on Soviet Armor without having to flank or be creative in their approach. I find it easier when I am not top dog in a match to follow someone who is Top dog. Stay back and wait until they get in an engagement then try to flank the distracted enemy or support from behind him with HE. The 122 is inaccurate and the IS is weak against higher tiers and people know this, This gives you an advantage because most people will ignore you to fire at the IS-3 or Tiger 2 allowing you to get behind them or to the side of them and ruining their day. This approach though needs one thing that the Soviet Line has not encouraged up to this point, patience. More important then patience though is a very good situational awareness of whats going on in the battle field. So use your mini maps, talk to your team and have patience and you guys might find the IS a more tolerable grind until you get that IS-3 we are all gunning for.

I completely agree with this statement. I regret going down the IS line. I wish I had gone KV2, KV3 etc. much better armor. What a waste of time. Now I'm going down the German and American line instead.

lordelamin #211 Posted Jul 10 2013 - 18:48

    First lieutenant

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Having gone down the KV  line, I have just started to come up the IS line. I currently am playing the KV-1S and have the biggest 122mm gun. Loving the KV-1S, and have a nice win rate so far in it, but it's ballance out over time. I seem to be reading horror story after horror story on the IS tank. Having said that, I'm not sure if I should free XP past this tank or no.

Kanzler_Bismarck #212 Posted Aug 07 2013 - 08:27


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For me, this is arguably the greatest of the Tier 7's (and only "arguable" based in stiff competition in tier from Both Tigers and the awesome T29), the tier 10 alpha rewards players with an eye for weakness and a willingness to use it's mobility to gain favorable firing positions. It is the only tank that I ever got Mastery in my first time out in it, I really do need to play it more.

I have, on several occasions been accused in "gold spamming" and "hax" while in this tank... No greater compliment exists in this community.

lordelamin #213 Posted Aug 12 2013 - 07:22

    First lieutenant

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Okay, I now have the T29, and the 1S. Both have awesome guns. The T29 has better armor, and faster reload time. The 1S is faster. Both have bouncy armor, but you can penetrate the 1S turret without must of a problem is it's not angled right. i think the 1S gun does more damage, but without the armor penetration, seems more prone to bounce shots,(correct me on that if I have them mixed up.) Which is better? Depends on how you're playing. To be honest, I'd rather be in my T29 at this point more so than the 1S., but that may change as I get to know these two tanks better. I have not had them both for a week yet, and have less than 50 games between the two.

snafu_72 #214 Posted Aug 24 2013 - 17:09


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I've read, with interest, the comments on the IS, the gun options, etc., and concur on most points. I'm not yet at the highest 122 mm gun but am working toward it. I have heard the sound of clang and "You've bounced/dinged them" too many times at 1K per shot. I've also taken shots that I didn't think had a chance and destroyed the target or took 1/3 or more of their hit points away. This is not a sniping tank. It cannot stand nose to nose with anything Tier VII or above and do much more than get 1 shot off and then burst into flames. I've gotten used to being a middle tier tank in a Tier VIII or IX battle and that is usually nasty,brutish and short for me. On the other hand I've seen a few matches where I was the top tank. If the oppo team has a T-29 on it then it usually doesn't end well. OTOH if it is another IS there is usually a chance to get a lick in or two and depend upon teammates. I'm pretty much wed to this line of Soviet tanks so while the IS may not be the belle of the ball she is not an ugly step-sister either.

aguijon #215 Posted Sep 02 2013 - 09:30


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Unfortunately the tank is almost useless in very tier 9 battles more than its competitors due the crap penetration of the main gun and the horrible accuracy.

Ru_Bear #216 Posted Oct 15 2013 - 15:25


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i got question.. how to play on IS.. i got top tower top gun.. other stuff is still stock.. i have played 20 battles today.. 70% win rate.. its ok.. but my wm7 is dropping with that tank.. its about 1400-1500.. i cant do better with it.. so any advices how to get wm7 atleast 1700 with IS???

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