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How to draw a T95!

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Medessec #1 Posted Jul 14 2015 - 03:02


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Apologies to the person who wanted this tank, I didn't make note of you in my requests list... but here's the T95 Tank Destroyer! Otherwise known as the T28 Super-Heavy Tank with it's extra track assemblies fitted.

The T95 is actually pretty darn simple... not a lot of curves or odd shapes to worry about, mostly just straight faces and angles. So I used the point plotting method with matching my reference, so I could just trace the lines to match the perspective I want.

A couple more guide lines then I got started on the hull.

Here, I added some more small details to the hull, but mostly apparent is that I added the guide circles for the road wheels.

Fortunately because the track skirts block most of the suspension from view, I DON'T HAVE TO DRAW ANY OF IT! YEAY!

Finished running gear and added a lot more hull details including le cuploas, cable wrap mounts, com antennas.

Got started on gun mantlet and gun.

Drew up some more hull details, mostly the... whatever the heck those are. I think they're recovery winches... or maybe mini cranes to help mount the extra track assemblies. That'd be pretty darn cool.

Canvas expansion and finishing the gun.


And here's the final image. I suppose it's quite late to call this a 4th of July edition of my "How to draw" series... but yep. There's the T95! It was a ridiculously easy assignment compared to all the crazy crap I've been drawing for you people the past few times... so I'd say this is a well deserved break. And even then... I really love the looks of the T95. I don't think the angle I chose does it enough justice... I absolutely love the way the T95 just looks like a menacing doom crab-turtle, belly crawling towards you with ill-will and nothing else on it's agenda but inevitable destruction.


Albermuh leenk: http://imgur.com/a/rgPRl


Anyways, enough similes and personification, as per usual... if you have any requests, feel free to shout up, I'll let you know if the tank has already been requested and is on it's way, etc, etc. Hope you all enjoyed this one!


JAW00007 #2 Posted Jul 14 2015 - 03:24


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Do the King Tiger please 

Cl0r0x_4_U #3 Posted Jul 14 2015 - 04:01


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View PostJAW00007, on Jul 13 2015 - 18:24, said:

Do the King Tiger please 


dont do it! Jaw is bulli... :(

xXx_Kolobanov_xXx #4 Posted Jul 14 2015 - 04:07


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That is one well drawn picture!


Scorpiany #5 Posted Jul 14 2015 - 08:08


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Very nice indeed! *continues silently chanting "113" "113" "113"*

dfasgold #6 Posted Jul 15 2015 - 05:23


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Can you please draw a Chaffee? :)

dfasgold #7 Posted Jul 15 2015 - 12:20


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Can you do the T37?

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