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change my password without my phone number helpme

help me

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chinzob #1 Posted Jul 16 2015 - 02:39


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in my acc profile i've added phone number long ago, and now i don't this phone number anymore. when i trying to change my password they're sending password to phone number. how can i change password without my phone number?

Joker_48AHC #2 Posted Jul 16 2015 - 03:00


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Send them your life history and financial data  (just kidding).  They are very strict about changing you password making it very difficult!  On the other hand, if you can't change it with jumping through the hoops they demand, then no one else can either!  I hope you haven't forgotten your password as you will be in real trouble then.

heavymetal1967 #3 Posted Jul 16 2015 - 03:07


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OP I don't know if this will help as it invovles your mobile carrier and them restoring the phone number.


Which, unless I'm overlooking something, won't work if that number has been reassigned or otherwise isn't available.


If this won't work then file a ticket through support OP and explain to them the number isn't available, reassigned, the carrier won't cooperate, etc...


Anyhoo here's the link, http://worldoftanks.com/en/content/guide/account_security/binding-your-account-mobile-phone/#change


Good luck.

panzerkampfwagen9991 #4 Posted Jul 16 2015 - 03:37


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I have the same problem, but they aren't sending the code to my phone.

SHERIFFO7 #5 Posted Dec 24 2015 - 20:15


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I have the same problem 

GreenWeeney #6 Posted Oct 14 2017 - 23:14


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Im dealing with it as we speak. Its tough. you will need to know IPS provider, country, and city from time your account was oppened. also Show paypal or bank statements from 3 months ago of wargaming purchaces.

In my case, im using hotspot from cell phone, and of course years ago i had a diff carrier. And that carrier uses certain carier towers as its IPS provider and i dont remember if it was sprint or t mobile or att&t.....  also, my location hasnt changed in for ever, but they say what i told them was incorrect....  no way possible!  But i think some IPS providers dont give correct city locations and can even say you are in another dang state.....


Good luck to anyone who changes a dang cell phone and gets a new number.

Varathius #7 Posted Oct 25 2017 - 22:07

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lol, there are no words to describe WG regarding this. Huge deal about adding a new number, as if people can smell that I need to have my new and old phone number working at the same time to be able to change that. You guys call this strict? This is ridiculous. Paypal, amazon, banks, whatever else have normal methods to change phone numbers, but WG wants to make it basically impossible for most.

Griffon327327 #8 Posted Oct 26 2017 - 14:27


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you see the correct thing to do here was NEVER ever give them a phone number because phone numbers are locked to companies and even if you use a pay as you go phone if you dont use minutes you lose number


besides its a russian (mob) company do you really ever want to give then anything besides e-mail address and isp provider ??


its a wonder game hasnt got a keyboard hack to give them credit card info ? wait no need for that they already get you to spend thousands of dollars legally for a virtual game they can shut down your account instantly whenever they choose read the user agreement people it clearly states wargaming is god and when told to bend over and grab ankles then by GOD you proceed to bend over ... you never read that part ? its there ..

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