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Lost equipment in garage!

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Freewheelin #1 Posted Jun 28 2011 - 06:35


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I have seem to come up missing my Vertical Stabalizer MK1, which was mounted on my M26 Pershing!!!! Log on today and it just wasn't there. The spall liner and gun rammer are still mounted, but no VS. Looked in the depot, and all my other tanks, no where to be found.
I am a little P.O.ed about it since it does cost 500,000 credits to purchase, and is a crucial piece of equipment for a medium tank on the move, specially in a clan war battle!!

What can we do about this Mr. Developers? Is this a server or software error? Was it stolen? Can you check database/records to see that i did purchase one, and possibly reinburst me, or am I just SOL? Has anyone else encountered this problem? Daaaaaamn

Makes me wanna play a few rounds of an ole favorite FPS called Postal!!! :Smile-izmena:

ZKaiZ #2 Posted Jun 28 2011 - 06:52


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Please take the issue to support, they might be able to help better then the forumers here..  :Smile_honoring:

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