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How to draw an E50M!

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Medessec #1 Posted Jul 23 2015 - 03:49


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The last ones:


And here's another Tytoo assignment tank. This one I decided to spruce up quite a bit, and make it far more interesting looking and appealing to the eye. Well, my eye anyways. Here it is: The E-50 Ausf. M.


Perspective lines. I decided to go for a really in-your-face bloated FOV.

This looks easy because it was all lines, but crossing them at the exact points and figuring out what looked good for the FOV was very difficult.

Here I got started on the wheels, the track guards, lower bit of the hull and the facade of the turret. I also cleaned up some of the lines I drew out in basic for the shapes.

Quite a lot happened between the last one and this one to be honest. I decided to go for the same style of tracks I did on the E100 even though it may not be completely accurate, because they're easier for me to draw and make look very good... and I think they do look VERY good. I also drew some details on the turret, namely... the commander's cupola and the left parallax sight, and I also refined the side skirts and running gear detail.

Most of what happened here was detail. To the tracks first, then the underside of the front of the hull, then the turret and other hull details/accessories. I also drew a little poster hung on the front of the tank.

I got started on the gun here as well.

Here I added some war scarring and the MG42 on top of the tank, and I continued the gun.

Canvas expansion and gun finished.

Final image with shading added. I thought this would be a pretty awesome refresher to the creativity I should be giving these tanks in these How Tos I've been doing... to be honest, I like the E50M's appearance a lot, so that's why I gave it this much love. Drawing the basic shapes in the beginning was probably hardest, the turret and gun and details were easy... just time consuming.


Album Link: http://imgur.com/a/xynPI


Hope you all enjoyed this one. I sure as heck did. I'll look at some requests again and try to get some of them done before I exhaust the Tytoo assignment tanks... but we'll see.




Goldflag #2 Posted Jul 23 2015 - 04:19

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Really nice looking tanks you have there.

Anyways, how do you draw the tracks so flawlessly with a pen? Even when I use a pencil, the tracks look like crap a lot of the time. pls teech me how to do it

Andreas007 #3 Posted Jul 23 2015 - 05:00


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