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How to draw a T57 Heavy!

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Medessec #1 Posted Jul 27 2015 - 04:12


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The last ones:


Right m8s, it's 0ur favr8 taenk evah, da autol0d3ng T57 Heavy.


This one actually wasn't super hard to draw, because I was lazy and went for a side ortho. Don't worry, there is some dimension, and a lot of detail on the undercarriage.

Draw'n da basic shaep.

Da hweels next. Spacing them just right and I wanted to add some frontal dimension to make it more oblique rather than ortho... I did that here in how I spaced le wheels.

And this is REALLY where it becomes obvious. The drive sprocket is gonna be a pain in the butt, so I'm leaving that as is for now.

DETAILS... SO MUCH DETAILS... A SHOCK ABSORBER THERE, A MOUNT THERE, actually this was kinda fun and pretty cool looking as I went on with it. I also outlined the tracks.

Here, I added a bit to the hull and got started on the oscillating turret. Shaping it from this angle is really tough... because what comes to mind when I think of the turret is the bulges and curves, and they aren't really here from this angle.

Here's the turret pretty much finished. The gun just kinda sprouts from it, so I figured it'd be fine to start on it like that. I also drew the canvas-y material.

The final image. Turned out pretty nice, and I haven't done an ortho in awhile, so I thought it was pretty worthwhile to make one now... figured it'd be easy in case someone wanted something easier to try and draw themselves anyways. Hope you guys enjoyed it!


Albuerm: http://imgur.com/a/qq5tj




SCHunterElite250 #2 Posted Jul 27 2015 - 04:17

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THX. Another drawing for my collection..(I draw my own based off yours)

dawgfangs #3 Posted Jul 27 2015 - 05:02

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Your artistic talent is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

_Reichandroll #4 Posted Mar 11 2017 - 05:17

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