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HermanBix #21 Posted Aug 06 2015 - 02:37


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View PostLife_In_Black, on Aug 06 2015 - 01:29, said:


There's no real reason to keep it as a light tank either, especially as any future British light tank line would most likely start with a tier 3 Tetrarch anyway, and continue on with its own line to tier 8. If anything, the Stuart VI could be a bridge from the current tier 3 Stuart to a potential new light line, and the Crusader with the Rolls Royce engine and a 50mph top speed could be a premium tier 6 light tank.


Which would pretty much follow actual historic transition from Crusader to the Cromwell.

IosacBroc #22 Posted Aug 23 2015 - 21:42


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In game the Crusader gets light tank camo- the value is similar to a T-34 parked up or firing, but much lower moving. Making it a medium in game would rob it of just about the only decent stat it has. The rest of the model is sub par- it's slow, poorly armoured, the 6lber has weak hard and soft stats, there are only three crew members...


If it was classed a medium it would need a buff to remain useful (I'm not going to say 'competitive', because it's not!). I doubt whether WG would consider buffing a British tank; they've been very reluctant to do so with the massively broken churchills and they're still dragging their heels over the u/p and unhistorical FV4202. 


My advice is if you like the Crusader as is, don't ask WG for any changes! ;)

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